July and August Vegetable Sowing calendar

I know I have been late this year posting some of these sowing calendars, there is still plenty of time to keep your vegetable plot productive over the upcoming Winter well into the Spring, this time of the year albeit cold, is a great time to be growing as you are not as suffocated with jobs once you have cleared away all of the dead summer crops and finished the basic after summer jobs, there is less watering that needs doing and not as many pests around – plus I love being outdoors when it’s cold! There’s nothing like fire-boiling a pot to make yourself some fresh brew even perhaps a nice Hot Chocolate!


  • Final sowings of root crops including carrots, beetroot, turnips (until mid-July)

  • Winter radishes and swedes

  • Dwarf french beans (up to early July) in warmer areas only

  • Oriental greens (mizuna, mibuna, komatsuna, etc) and turnip greens

  • Lettuce, moving over to winter varieties by late August, rocket, cress, endive and salad radishes

  • Swiss chard & leaf beet such as perpetual spinach

  • Chive and Chicory

  • Fennel

  • Spring & Chinese cabbage (from late July)

  • Bunching and spring onions

Polytunnel / greenhouse border:

  • Chervil & Coriander

  • Salads, particularly in later summer as other crops finish.

Under Cover outdoors:

  • True Spinach (Winter Spinach)

  1. Brian in Chicago says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I needed that! =)


  2. skyeent says:

    I’m hoping to get some green manures started before the autumn cold stops germination – red clover, fodder radish (I enjoyed the pods off these) and field beans.


    • jeffpermie says:

      Great Idea, this year I am going hard on getting more than ”a few things growing” over Autumn / Winter, fingers crossed for the cabbages as I honestly haven’t bothered with Cabbage sine the very first year I started growing in 2012.

      Liked by 1 person

      • skyeent says:

        We tend not to eat through a whole cabbage. I find cut and come again loose leaf kale more useful if less impressive. Good luck.


      • jeffpermie says:

        Noted :), We cook cabbage not a lot but enough to justify, I did go on a lactofermentation workshop so have found a decent way to store it long term.

        Liked by 1 person

      • skyeent says:

        I think it would take some persuasion for my husband to try fermented food – funny, ‘cos he quite likes beer!

        Liked by 1 person

      • jeffpermie says:


        I’m going to miss our commenting between posts, unfortunately I’m going to retire from this blog due to low interest.

        Cheers and thanks for sharing all of your info with me, I did learn quite a bit and will return when I need to double check things 🙂


      • skyeent says:

        I’m sorry to hear that. I’m carrying on anyway as SkyeEnt, which I do for my own amusement. I have to admit it does get seductive when a post gets lost of comments. I think many of the likes are just fishing for their own sites though! You could try a different platform. I’m not sure there are many permaculture posters on WP (although lots of gardeners). I like WP because it seems easier to follow blogs. I can never remember who I’m supposed to be on blogspot and what my google name is! Good luck and thanks for your posts. Keep in touch!


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