Different characteristics between Round-Seeded & Wrinkle-Seeded Peas

Posted: August 27, 2018 in Allotments / Community Gardens & Plots, Greenhouse Polytunnels & Cold Frames, Seed Sowing / Sowing calendar, Winter Sowing
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This is just to clarify between the different Pea varieties you buy from Seed companies which you can view in the September Growing Calendar, which includes Pea types for overwintering…

Round and Wrinkle Skinned Peas

When to Sow Round and Wrinkle Skinned Peas

Peas are normally sown as Spring and Summer crops, that would be mostly Wrinkle Skinned varieties but in some parts of the world where a winter is expected, Round Seeded peas can be sown in September for overwintering, this gives an extra early crop when the weather changes and starts getting warmer. These plants will have larger well established root systems and so, have a head-start over their Spring-sown counterparts!

Wrinkle skinned varieties should be sown in Spring, along with other Round skinned varieties for your Summer cropping.


  1. skyeent says:

    In summary: round seeded peas can be sown autumn or spring, whereas wrinkle seeded peas really need to be sown only in spring – presumably not so hardy.


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