About Growingarden

Hello everyone, this is a short story about what this blog is and will be about and what to expect.

My name is Jeff and I have been on the permaculture path for over a year now and home growing vegetables and greens for more than two years, I have also been employed as a Gardener privately so will also be including information and tips on General Gardening and Ornamental planting here as well, after all, we should be enjoying our gardens too. I have resided on three continents including Africa and in the Middle East, for now I seem to have settled in the UK.

I have not taken a PDC Course (Permaculture Design Certificate) but do intend to at some point, at this time I intend to gain all of my knowledge through thorough research on the subject. I have an interest in Wildlife and have studied in that area but not for professional purposes, I will also be providing helpful information and tips on encouraging Wildlife in your garden and area in general.

I do not own land, and regrettably therefore cannot keep you up-to-date with my progress on my personal system, however, at my rental residence I do have a very small garden which I am using at this point and adapting as time goes by, I may include this and some photos or videos if possible, but keep in mind this is not my permanent system, I do hope to gain the following once I have to leave this location:

  1. Knowledge and experience through experimenting, trial and error,
  2. Knowledge that I developed this land to make it a healthier ecosystem for both wildlife as well as for the next tenants (I will try leave them advice on  what has been done in the hopes they will try growing their own veg’s or fruits as well),
  3. Plant maturity, I have around 8 fruit Trees and also 8 – 10 Fruit Bushes, Some ground planted whilst around 50% are kept in pots (All mixed varieties), from this I intend to slowly mature and care for these plants so that once I end up on my own permanent land, they will be fruit baring and hardy if they all survive transplanting,
  4. I hope to inspire others in my neighbourhood to do the same as most of them have small gardens like mine which are disused
  5. The feel good factor of knowing I grew guaranteed GMO Free and Organic Healthy food for my family (This should be #1)

Other than Permaculture Ideas, systems and tips / advice, What else can I expect?:

  • Useful DIY / Crafts tips,
  • Heatlh Tips,
  • General Household DIY / helpful tips,
  • Gardening and Sustainability advice and tips etc.
  • Sometimes when I pick up on some news regarding political issues that affect humanity in general as well as the earth, ecosystems etc. I shall post or share important things here regarding those matters
  1. Hi Jeff,
    Just wanted to pop in to ask if you might want to be a Guest Blogger for the garden web site that I work for.
    I have recently taken on the task of inviting some of my favorite garden Bloggers!
    Send me an email stacey@gardeningknowhow.com


    • jeffpermie says:

      Hi, this should be fine I’ve just been very busy with my gardens due to the upcoming season and many unfinished projects on the new garden so I will have to get back in contact with you in the future.

      Thanks, Jeff

      Liked by 1 person

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