Seasonal Growing / Seed Sowing Calendar

Seed Sowing for Temperate Climate (Cold / Frosty Winters)

Click on the Calendar Month to see what Seeds need sowing and Plants need Potting / Planting out during that Month …


Click Here ^ for January Seeds List


Click Here ^ for Feburary Seeds List

  1. C E Jackson says:

    sorry to bother you, but the link for strawberries with pine needles doesn’t seem to be working.

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    • jeffpermie says:

      Thanks for letting me know


    • jeffpermie says:

      Seems like I was supposed to create an article on that subject to use as the link which I forgot to get around to doing (I’ve been using free pine needles to much my strawb’s for about 3 years now).
      I will post an article on this in the coming weeks, start gathering your pine needles now, in fact, start collecting the leaves of Oak as well as Taxus (Yew Tree) the Yew can be used in conjunction with the pine needles for the Strawberries and Oak can be kept in a black bag to rot down a bit, you can use this to create an acidic compost for your acid loving plants such as bluebberries, strawberries etc.


  2. jeffpermie says:

    Hello Everyone, incase you are confused about the comments above, This page was the original ”Seasonal Maintenence Calendar” and I decided to make a dedicated Page for seed sowing times (Calendar) for Cold / Temperate Climates, unfortunately I had some issues and copying the page over meant that i created the new page on the older one so the comments remain, Instead of deleting I will just let them stay for now, just click on the page tab ”Seasonal Maintenence” if you wanted to see what the comments are going on about.



  3. […] Seasonal Growing / Seed Sowing Calendar […]


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