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Behold! The Zero Energy House in Northern Sweden – a Modern version of an Earth Ship

I have made Jerusalem Artichoke Soup only a few times with the reason being that I am only a recent grower of Jerusalem Artichokes aka Sun Chokes (They are related to the Sunflower). Veg Artichoke soup st6_1331x998In today’s recipe, I have changed it a bit to accommodate my lack of ingredients in my fridge! This is the great part of making soup, you pretty much just throw together anything you have in the fridge provided you have enough materials! I also prefer the new recipe I made up to accommodate this lack of ingredients. In the ‘normal’ Jerusalem Artichoke Soup Recipe, there is no Broccoli, Courgette (Zucchini) and you need 3 Leeks – here’s my new recipe below: Serves 5-6, but can serve 8 if used as an appetiser INGREDIENTS: 500g Chopped Jerusalem Artichokes / Sunchokes 3x Celery stalks 2x Large Carrots or 3-4 average sized 1x Leek chopped 1x Onion diced 1x Bay leaf Half Courgette (Zucchini) Handfull of Broccoli chopped 1ltr full cream milk 125 grams butter Salt & Pepper to taste METHOD: Step 1: Heat the butter in a large pan or pot, throw in the chopped carrots, celery, onion, leeks,broccoli and Courgette (Zucchini). Veg Artichoke soup st1Step 2: Cook until slightly brown, add the Artichokes and Bay leaf and stir in. Add your seasoning. Veg Artichoke soup st4Step 3: Mix in then add the 1ltr of Milk, Stir in and cover the pot for about 30-40 min’s or until the veggies are soft. Veg Artichoke soup st5Step 4: Once soft, remove the bay leaf and blend thoroughly, you can pour it through a sieve if you want it completely smooth, otherwise there will be bits in which is not in any way a bad thing!

Jerusalem artichoke aka (sunchoke) Soup recipe

Serve with chopped parsley and enjoy!

Worldwide Ban on GMOs

In my humble opinion, Every person on this planet should at least watch this documentary INCLUDING all the ‘health’ ministers around the world who are on the most part, being paid off by the Biotech giants to just toe the line that this Genetic Manipulation is a ‘great discovery which will feed the world’ …
Watch this before making the choice to put this Frankenfood in your system, just because people aren’t dropping like flies, doesn’t mean there are not any long term effects just around the corner.

There are countless factors which prove that this ‘technology’ is not to be trusted, but one that stands out for me is, that all these politicians who push this on us all seem to eat only organic and are rejecting GMO foods Themselves! They may deny it, but the catering companies and whislte-blowers tell a different story.

Another good point to note is, many people claim that ‘we have been Genetically Modifying plants for centuries’ but this is a huge misconception, these people are confusing themselves with cross breeding of plants or hybridization. The difference is simple, Hybridizing lets say a redcurrant berry plant with a blackberry, while it doesn’t really occur in nature, at least these are two similar plant species and not much intervention was needed to breed them together (ie: Not by some guy in a Lab forcibly injecting genes into another unrelated organism!). Here is where the famous ‘F1 hybrids’ come in, if you browse the seed section of your local garden centre, you will often see ‘F1 Hybrid’ on the packaging. These are Not GMO but they are the hybrids we are talking about where two very similar plant species were bred to achieve a certain trait such as: Cold Hardiness or Drought Tolerance, Higher Yield etc. So basically for example: crossing a native banana from somewhere near the middle east with a sub-Saharan African banana would get a drought tolerant variety which still produces good tasty crops and to be grown in a very dry climate or region. F1 Hybrids are bred for a purpose but nature always strikes back .. With vengeance! So you cannot save seed from the plants you grow because nature reverts back to the natural order ie: the new seeds will not follow the mother plant’s traits and it will be weaker than it. This is why people are now looking for Heirloom varieties more and more now.
Now lets look at the Genetic Manipulation (GMO), They want to do very Un-natural things in Laboratories such as placing viruses in plants, pig genes in Oranges, terminator seeds (the plant produces dud seeds so that farmers have no choice but to keep purchasing from them year on year – Don’t forget, all new GMO plants get patented) etc. to top it off, the industry is lobbying our politicians to sway labeling laws to say that GMO should not be labelled!! so what are they scared of if their ‘technology’ is so great?

Your oranges may now contain pig genes

In the past few years, genetic material from two different plants, a virus, a pig and, perhaps most frightening of all, a laboratory synthesized gene have been evaluated for use in the new transgenic GMO orange. If approved by regulatory agencies, the new GMO orange trees could be planted in as little as two years.

Watch the documentary and come to your own conclusion:
More sites with GMO information:
Re-use, Recycle, Re-purpose in Permaculture

Recycle, Re-purpose and Re-use in Permaculture

In Permaculture, you are expected to have a very low impact on the environment. Let’s say for example, if you were to decide to construct a Herb Spiral, instead of rolling up to your local DIY superstore and purchasing a hundred bricks, you are expected to rather go for Recycling options such as: asking neighbours if they have unwanted bricks or, going online and checking sites such as freecycle, you could even pass by local building sites to inquire with the foreman if you could arrange a quick pickup of discarded materials etc.
Even better would be, if you spoke with your neighbours and either ended up without bricks from them or not, to still inform them what you plan on doing with the bricks or rocks, perhaps show them your diagram or sketch – if they seemed interested, you could always suggest that perhaps they do the same in their garden/s! Then, if you still had to source the bricks you could come up with a plan and in the end get double the amount you really needed, your neighbour/s would obviously have to construct their own but as a Permie, you should offer some advice or consultation even if this is your first herb spiral. you never know, you may just plant that small seed and in the end your neighbour/s could become passionate Permie/s themselves!

Re-Purposing Product Packaging Trays ( Growing Cress From Seed )

For Re-purposing, it’s simply taking items and re-using them in another manner instead of throwing them away or purchasing a product to fill one purpose, for example: Everyday most of us throw away or send plastic packaging trays to the local recycling centers, these trays (from many different products such as meats, vegetables, bakery and fruits etc.) can be used as saucers under the pots you have on a windowsill with seeds germinating in them or, as actual seed trays so you wont have to buy purpose built trays – just poke a few holes in the bottom of them and fill with multipurpose compost and you will be good to go!

In Re-using items, you can simply, for example, re-use the shopping bags you get at the grocery store. I will use them firstly to give to the coffee shops where I get my free used coffee grounds, they fill the bags, I will return more washed bags to them for refilling. Once the bags get worn out they will either be dropped back at the store for recycling (If they are the thicker re-recyclable types) or they will be used one more time to line a smaller bin like the bathroom / toilet bins.
The black bin bags normal gardeners use (because many of them still remove Green ‘Waste’ off their property) can be re-used many times, for example, I use them to obtain Leaf mulch from other properties, the bags will be used multiple times until their strength wears down to the point they will no longer be able to hold much weight, thereafter, I slice them vertically to form a long wide strip of black plastic sheeting which I use to cover my mulch mound to ensure more thorough decomposition and retaining moisture (can also be used to seal up a compost bin / pile with the same higher temperature / water retaining effect)

The options are vast, we just have to Think of them and then pass on the knowledge!!!

Here I have compiled a list of things the everyday person can do (change) in order to actually have a positive impact on this beautiful planet!

Even if you live in an apartment block and do not have access to or own a garden / balcony where you may be able to grow some food or even just have an ornamental garden for the value of a natural system to reconnect yourself in times of stress etc… you still CAN make the change which we all want in this world especially in the world of Permies!

Although some of these points are relevant for UK citizens, the same can be applied worldwide, you will just have to do your homework:

It is pretty much clear, undeniable and observed, that the Fossil Fuel Industry, Banking, Politicians, Corporations (especially ones which Politicians and Bankers have investments in) are the main driving force in humanity’s backward spiral to self destruction. Banks use our money to invest, and a lot of the time they obviously invest in that which gains the most in monetary value for them, these days it includes weapons of war, fossil fuels, unhealthy Pharmaceuticals which aren’t any good etc. one example being the heinous act of Fracking which is big on the agenda all of a sudden worldwide, go anywhere and even in third world countries the easily-bribe-able politicians there are signing contacts in this under-the-table / lucrative business (See previous post here exposing the lies politicians spew about fracking)

The future if we allow government and corporations to continue as is

Here are a few things we can all do, even if you alone do it:

  1. Change your Bank ( to Co-operative Bank ), here in the UK it has been exposed that all of the major ‘High Street’ Banks invest in weapons and many in Fracking or other older fossil fuel ‘technologies’, some of these banks even invest in Israeli weapons manufacturers! Barclays is the worse by far, with around £7.3 Billion invested in total on the weapons industry, they are rated as one of the top ten investors in US weapons corporations, the others are: Halifax, Lloyds TSB, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and HSBC
    According to the PDF Document on the below link, Co-operative Bank is the only ‘high street’ bank which Does Not invest in weapons (You can read the article on page 18 of the document titled ‘Banking on Bloodshed’ here)
    Full site here with article:
  2. Change your energy provider/s, there are a few green energy providers who only provide gas and electricity (more…)

London Permaculture Festival 2015

The date is now set for the Annual London Permaculture Festival and it will be held on Sunday the 19th July 2015, venue will be the same:

Cecil Sharp House,
2 Regents Park Road,
NW1 7AY,

At the moment they have stated that more details will be added to the site in the new year, you can still browse the site and take a look at the previous stall attendees, workshop schedule, sponsors etc.

The videos below are from previous years attendances to the festival (2011 & 2014 respectively):

Entrance fee is only £6 for the whole day! See You There ! …

Here we have a great, well spread out system that is quite mature, the 14 minute video takes you on a tour of the site and the various zones plus you get to see an artists map of the entire site. They discovered Permaculture Methods about 15 years ago after acquiring the site about 20 years ago  and since they have increased their on site species list to around 460

The World CAN Be Changed by people like this …

Hi all,I came across this short, but sweet little video where the owner opened up their garden for free tours on a nice sunny day so the video uploader went in and filmed their quick walk around.
Unfortunately there is no commentary only some soothing music whilst the whole setup is filmed, only 3+ Minutes, worth a watch I say!


Article by: Anna Lappe
Hosted on:

A few years ago, I was at a biotechnology trade meeting listening to a panel on GMOs. Throughout the two-hour session, the panelists all sang the praises of the technology—not too surprising at an industry event. (At the time, the GMOs under commercial planting were limited to seeds genetically engineered to produce an insecticide and/or resist a proprietary herbicide.)

University Of Canterbury GMO Study

What was unexpected was what came next: One of the speakers took the mic to say those opposed to GMOs should be tried for crimes against humanity. Seriously. Sure, the comment may have been a gross misuse of the term, but a similar sentiment runs throughout the messaging from the biotech industry that says we can’t feed the world if we don’t embrace the technology.

If my experience last month in Turkey is any indication, the notion that GMOs are the only way to feed a growing population is way out of step with both the leading thinkers on food and farming and the world’s smallholder farmers—who produce much of what the planet eats and 80 percent of the food in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

GM Farmer


A nice short video from the Fuente Verde farm in Costa Rica, watch as they explain how the land has been divided up and sold off to like minded individuals or couples (Members) who want to live in a permaculture based community, limited spaces allocated ensures that the land cannot get overcrowded, whilst a fair system of a 75% vote which they call a ‘super majority’ is what they use to deal with issues that may arise (Far better than the so called democracy system of 49 – 51 % we see worldwide).

Wouldn’t it be nice ? …..