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In this new section, I will write what is on my mind regarding certain events which I feel that the mainstream media seem to be cherry picking information on and deliberately supressing the whole story.
I feel, as some may say, that there is a global awakening of sort and many people are now seeing through the coporate manipulation and what I term the Corporate, Banking and Political Love Triangle – or at least, the connections therein…


The ‘Love Triangle’ can be summarised in a way similar to the ‘All Seeing Eye’ Pyramid with pretty much the Politicians at the bottom corner (They are the placemen or Career Politicians) who entered politics purely for the power, lobbying money, the advanced knolwedge of proposed projects, changes in legislation etc. all which they can use to manipulate stock markets, currencies and so on!

The Corporations are next in the middle ground (I’m mainly focusing on self titled ‘Multi Nationals’ Such as Unilever, Kraft, Mondelez, Del Monte etc.) The monopolistic types which can bribe the Politicians to ignore safety standards, rewrite laws / bills, or simply write new legislation on behalf of a handful of large corporations (which they all have investments in anyway) that is beneficial to them yet detrimental to the general public not only in the countries where the coporations are operating or where the HQ is situated but also where they obtain their materials (ie: Palm oil)
One Good Example of Politicians serving their own finanical interests is this meme exposing how the four ‘Lords’ from the House of ‘Lords’ in the UK who wrote the controverial Fracking Report where they support fracking in the UK, exposed that all four of them had some kind of investment or connection to various companies involved in the Fracking Industry! Again, this was exposed in the Alternative media, but completely ignored by the typicals ( BBC, SKY, CNN, THE SUN and other ‘News’papers)

The Banks are on top, simply by virtue of the fact that the large majority of Central Banks worldwide are PRIVATE … again P R I V A T E, which means that whenever the government needs for example, 100 Million to be printed and added into circulation, the cost of such should be perhaps 50,000 that includes printing, distributing, costs and labour, instead, we have these costs PLUS an Interest Fee being paid to a bloodline Banking Family with a long history of Banking behind them, this is mainly the Rothschild Bankster Families which are all spread around Europe to control different regions.
‘All Wars Are Banker Wars’ is a true saying, both sides of every war has been funded by this Family at least since the American Civil War, many researchers have piointed this out in their work, they simply give more money to those who they prefer to be the victor!


” History is a lie agreed upon ”
– Napoleaon Bonaparte

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  1. jeffpermie says:

    The way this page is going to work, is that I will post a regular blog article, then save it here under either an image or as a link / paragraph, so you will be able to scroll down by subject and review previous articles you can come back to.


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