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Good evening everyone! As promised and well overdue, here is the package of Shiitake Mushroom Mycelium (Spores) and subsequent additional kit / supplies to successfully grow my own Shiitake mushrooms at home on Logs.

Originally, when I first heard about growing mushrooms on logs it honestly didn’t sound attractive! (I’m a renter, what if I had to move?, where do I put the logs?, what if they rot? etc.) That was before I discovered permaculture and how we do encourage growing perennial, continually fruiting vegetables and fruits etc.

After doing some research I placed my order from Mushroom Box (They supply UK and Europe) and received the following a few days later:

  • 2x Packs of Sealing Wax
  • 6x Packs (50pcs each totaling 300) Shiitake Dowels
  • 2x Depth Collared Drill Bits

(If you are not sure how much / many Dowels or Wax is needed per how many logs you have, just email them as I did before ordering and tell them how many logs and estimated length and width. their estimate was extremely accurate and I only had leftover dowels because of my own miscalculations when measuring distance between drilled holes!)

Shiitake Mushroom Kit ordered from Shiitake Mycelium, Sealing Wax and Depth Collared Drill Bit

For an idea on how to go about growing mushrooms on logs, Click Here for my previous post (Includes informative video)

In the case of cultivating mushrooms on logs, you are pretty much guaranteed a bi-monthly harvest of mushrooms per log for between 3 to 5/7 years Depending on log size / width etc. This fits very well in the Permaculture Paradigm of using less energy (cultivating using a growing kit would mean quicker harvest but also the mushroom bedding / feed would run out quicker, thereby needing the re-purchase of new kit/s or refilling regularly) Logs take far longer to decompose / feed the mushroom mycelium hence their popularity! Once you have a reasonable batch size, you won’t be doing anything else for several years except harvesting and watering the logs

If you have a garden full of perennial crops that come up by themselves then you have less need to expend energy there, so meaning less calories (within Permaculture teachings you discover the truth behind the current form of Monoculture farming whereby more calories are Spent per calorie earned from harvested crops)

Quick description of the process and equipment:

The Drill Bit and Depth Collar are the right size for the Mycelium Dowels, you just need to measure the length of the dowels and add 5mm to 1cm onto the end. and fit the depth collar tightening with an Allen Key (Hex Key).
The Mycelium Dowels are the same as the little wooden Dowels that you use to piece together furniture from Ikea for example, they just have been sterilized and have been inoculated professionally with Mycelium.
Once you have drilled your holes in the pattern suggested on the Mushroom Box Growing Instructions page, you hammer them in flush to the surface of the logs (or slightly deeper) and Seal with the melted Sealing Wax using a good brush etc. (the sealing wax is supplied in wax chips and you need to melt them yourself, they seal the dowels and kill off any unwanted organisms by sterilizing the immediate area around the drilled cavity. It must also be used to seal any damaged parts of the log/s)

That’s it for now, keep an eye out for the final post where I will have a step-by-step guide on preparing, drilling, installing dowels, sealing and log placement outside …