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I have termed this plant ‘Semi Beneficial’ mainly as it doesn’t really have many benefits when compared to my previous posts on beneficial Plants such as the Wild Teasel and Poached Egg Plant.

The main reason I am recommending Monk’s Hood is because it does show up on lists of plants that are ”good for bees” and I have luckily been able to observe this over a three year period, bees do swarm the plants and the best part is that the flowers are summer end when most plants have finished their flushes of flowers! It is perennial with bulb like roots and is related to delphinium, the difference being that some varieties grow the flowers closer together when compared with Delphinium which in my opinion is more attractive than the latter. The second reason is it really is an attractive plant with great ornamental potential!

Warning: The plant is highly toxic so be sure children are well aware!!

One benefit to it being so toxic (for people living in the countryside) is naturally, Deer and Rabbits etc. like to keep well away from them! So it is possible to have attractive flowering plants in your garden if you do suffer damage from Deer etc.

Monks Hood ( Aconitum carmichaelii ) aka Wolf-bane in flower

The plant is also known as Wolf-Bane, history says it was used to poison Wolves in the past

Monks Hood ( Aconitum carmichaelii ) in a mixed bed

The bees do absolutely love them! I am attempting to grow from seed at the moment, once I have a result I will give an update, these plants can cost quite a lot from a Nursery …