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I have decided this year to add a pond into my system, I have a small back garden so the pond will have to be quite small as well, my main goal is firstly to keep frogs as Slug Terminators! I have a supply of Frogs / Frog spawn which I can make use of and then there will be the added benefits that usually come with ponds / water systems in a garden, here is a very precise video explaining 6 great reasons why you should have a pond (even if just a small one) installed in your garden.

Keep an eye out on my Growingarden Permaculture Blog for any updates on my pond design and how it all goes on through the year and years ahead!


I have been meaning to post on the Hugelkultur method for around a year now and have finally gotten to doing it! I’ve gone through all of my own personal pictures to show you my own experience installing and now after one year, my experience with the system.

Traditionally, the Hugel system is a year on year progression whereby in the first year, you are meant to only grow shallow rooting crops such as lettuces, then follow on the second year and third with larger crops until you are growing tomatoes, peppers etc.

well, I Cheated! haha, I also got away with cheating so far with some amendments.
Ok, so a Hugelkultur bed is basically large cut tree logs placed in a small dug out trench (supposed to only be a few inches deep) which are topped with smaller logs, which are then topped with branches, then sticks, twigs, leaves and finally the layer of ‘sod’ which will then have a layer of compost or soil added over it to plant in. (sod is upturned chunks of grass and roots)

The purpose of this system is for the logs and the rest of the organic matter sitting on top of the logs to slowly decompose over a long period of time (up to ten years +) which provides a good, nutrient rich soil amendment or compost bed which you can grow edible plants / crops on.

In the above images, you see the main 7 layers, I finally had the last (8th) layer which was the rest of the Top Soil, I made the planting layer much thicker than traditional Hugel Beds so in order to be able to immediately grow the main crops I go for such as Tomatoes, Pumpkins etc. The way that I cheated includes maintaining hole cavities to ensure that air is able to penetrate deep down ensuring it remains Aerobic. My Hugel Bed was dug deeper than usual as I wanted the logs to penetrate deeper to condition the heavy clay subsoil and also counter the builders rubble that I came across after digging about half a space deep!
After 10 years my garden beds will be far far more natural and organic compared with my neighbours.

All of this was done and completed before Winter was over (2015) and a final layer of semi¬† mulched leaves was placed on top of the bed to encourage the worms to remain closer to the surface and condition the soil before spring. NOTE: In the photo’s you see a small three foot wide hole, due to time constraints I could only make the Hugel Bed in sections at a time, the entire bed was about 4 meters long by 80cm wide (13 ft x 2 ft 7 in) once completed.

Success? YES! I grew Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Peppers, Oca Tubers, Nasturtium and Courgettes (Zucchini) on this bed with ease!, I have also discovered a new trick to maintain breathing cavities which I will update Here in the days / weeks coming, to ensure the system stays aerobic.
The Permaculture genius Sepp Holtzer is said to be the pioneer of the Hugel Method, I have read his book: Sepp Holtzer’s Permaculture, I highly recommend this book even if you are not interested in Permaculture but have an interest in growing food on any scale!

Below I have a few images found online that will help in understanding the Hugelkultur method better, I have a very small piece of land and it is not mine, so I cannot simply cut out part of the lawn and follow the general method of Hugel Beds, hence why I stuck to the actual flower beds which restricted the size and working area.

At the end of the upcoming growing season I will definitely come back with a new post updating on what crops were grown and any observations whether positive or negative regarding my Hugel System … Don’t Be Scared To Experiment !

I came across this information perhaps around 4 – 6 months ago, when I first started reading some snippets online regarding people being raided, often by tactically equipped, militarised police (USA) for merely growing food crops in their gardens or properties. We can dismiss one case but it seems to be a common theme. I feel, or know … that there is an agenda behind this. No longer are the politicians that society votes into power, serving the people! They now serve their own and the elitists interests … ie: Corporatocricy .

US Police with over the top toys – what is the Agenda ?

US Police with Military Grade Tactical Gear and very militant attitudes

Here in the UK, it is pretty clear that for example, the GMO Industry has politicians in their pockets as there doesn’t seem to be many members of Parliament who speak out against GMO’s and the corporate biotech giants or at least call for further Independent studies carried out over a long period, whilst a ban on GM is in place until we can ascertain whether or not they may lead to long term effects on us!
The last few Ministers of Food and Health have been big GM supporters.
In other words, a backyard farming revolution would put a quick end to the corporation’s globalist dreams of total seed domination! With politicians in their pockets, it seems one easy way to stop this is to put pressure on the public via ”drug raids” and then implement Laws which will inhibit the ability to freely grow whatever you like lawfully on your property!!

The EU has recently implemented into law, restrictions on Heirloom seed sales and below are a couple of videos regarding unlawful raids on properties that were not involved in any illegal activity, In the US they are wanting to outlaw backyard farming with the excuse that they want to ensure food safety for citizens …

Now ask yourself, which is safer?
A: yourself growing your own organic produce from heirloom seeds that have been bred for hundreds of years and are natural to your local environment, no pesticides involved, only good organic compost feeding the plants and crops?  Рor
B: purchasing pesticide / herbicide and fungicide Saturated Genetically Manipulated Organisms that were artificially fed with chemical nutrients, coated in waxes to preserve them in transit and wrapped in plastics – shipped thousands of miles around the planet to reach your store shelf??

Garden Of Eden (Texas USA) Organic Farm Raided by SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics), legal plants Destroyed in process, Unmanned surveillance Drones used to spy on the property days before raid – Full interview with site tenant:

John Kholar
(Popular Youtube Vegetable Garden Personality, vegetarian and complete enthusiastic gardener), giving a recount of when police unlawfully searched his home because of an apparent complaint from neighbours saying there was Cannabis being grown in or on the property:

I hope you watch these videos with an open mind, what has happened here is simply not right! Whatever other countries this happens in, they have no right to call themselves a Democratic Nation if this is going on!

US police, who do they think they will be fighting ?

US police, who do they think they will be fighting ?

Albert Einstein Quote

This is the second in this ‘series’ of posts, whereby I will post a good video (Preferred) or a photo log / page tour of an individual’s Permaculture System in their City / Country.

Today’s Tour is in the Suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa, Next I plan on posting a very interesting video from Bristol UK with Mike Feingold who has been on the Permaculture path (Now an instructor / lecturer) for many years and runs an Allotment site in his local Council area.

In the following video, you will see the owner’s greywater filtration and re-using system, discussing their plans to convert to Solar Energy, nitrogen fixing plants and on site composting in order to remove All need for imported compost or soils which includes connections with the local restaurants and coffee shops who supply some essentials such as used coffee grounds, egg shells and vegetable scraps