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In the coming months and even years, I will be posting some recommended Heirloom, also known as Heritage plant varieties which I have personally tried out in my small typical UK garden (South East UK climate region). I have one main seed supplier whom have, as one of their goals, maintaining certain seed varieties and ensuring they don’t go extinct!

Unfortunately, These seed varieties may not be available worldwide and the supplier can only legally ship to Europe however, many of these seed varieties area from outside of Europe so you may be able to track them down locally yourself!

The Pumpkin variety I recommend is a French Heriloom named ‘Galeuse d’Eysines, it has this name as it produces a warty surface once mature which is not any kind of GMO Malfunction or weird cause of Hybridization, I do not promote GMO’s and neither does the supplier realseeds, this is a genuine Heirloom / Heritage Variety.

One of the fruits last year was over 4 Kilograms (8.8 lbs+) and the flesh is very thick, the plants also climb / sprawl well so therefore are great on a trellis, the foliage is not severely prolific so a 10 ft long trellis should be fine to hold around 4 – 5 plants.

Why do I insist on growing pumpkins if I have such a small growing space? the answer lies in Permaculture practice, you need to look at not only plant yield but also if you can store the produce to last longer into the following season/s. With pumpkins you can store sometimes into March and in some lucky cases people have been able to store up into May (given the right conditions of course). The other point I would like to make is that I only grow Pumpkins vertically on a trellis at the back end of the garden so ensuring that I am not shading out any other plants, in front of this home made Bamboo Trellis (Reusing / Recycling), I grow Tomatoes, Peppers, Aubergines (Eggplant), and Courgette (Zucchini).

A couple posts down I shared some early Summer and Spring photo’s from this year, here you can see the later progress on the plot with photo’s from early Summer (May / June) through till August.

Cucamelons in various growth stages in my polytunnel – ( I wish I grew a few more of these plants! )

One Funky Looking Caterpillar!

First Good Mixed Harvest, Large Courgette / Marrow in the back (30+ cm long and at least 8/9cm wide), 4x Italian Vine (Costoluto Fiorentino) Heirloom Tomatoes, 1x Cucumber, 9x Scarlett Runner Beans, 12 x Loganberries and Raspberries, 4 Cherry Tomatoes and at least 50x Blueberries (The blueberries are all getting small now as it is nearing end of season, but the taste is Great!!) I have never tasted a store bought Blueberry anywhere near as nice as these …

Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes) halfway through the growing season they were half the height they are at the End of August, placed in an area to hide my rain barrels from view and sunlight, Variegated Mint is growing in pots beneath.with Wild Garlic in the ground beneath.

Ladybird Larvae doing what they do best, Species of plant is unknown but all flat topped flowering plants such as this are great at attracting ladybirds in to control Aphids etc.

Honeybees, many of us don’t even understand how important the pollinators are not only in the creation / production of most of our food, but also in the entire ecosystem!! This little guy is enjoying one of the three lavender plants I have on site.