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There is this nice little Permaculture Farm in a very nice rural setting in farmlands in New Zealand, in this video the owner goes through many aspects from Yields, earnings from yield (per Kilo), Climate and changes / difficulties. There is even quite a detailed part on Micro green production. Their business design is on High Value crops and he explains how he even gets ahead of monoculture / large scale industrial type farmers by having some crops such as Aubergine (Eggplant / Brinjal) available as far as Two Months ahead which enables him to increase the price of the first two months charge by up to NZD 4.00 Per Kilo above the seasonal rate!

Micro Greens 1

Micro Greens mass production in a Permaculture system

Take a look at the Aubergine bed and its width / length, he claims that he made NZD 1,600 in one season from that bed alone!

Further discussions include the benefits and huge relief they had when obtaining a cooler for their salads to increase storage time and so on.

They have had a good crop of Strawberries this year with around 400 Kilograms harvested and sold for profit from the bed next to the large polytunnel (above vide and below image).

Straws 1

Huge Strawberry Harvest on a Permaculture Farm


These photo’s were mostly taken a few month’s back so it’s great to share them now with you all, enjoy:

Base of a Sunchoke (Jerusalem Artichoke) bed

Note: Failed Experiment!!
I grew garlic after planting the Jerusalem Artichoke tubers hoping that the garlic would be able to cope fine under the Artichokes but as you can see in the above photo, there are Zero garlic plants visible! I had this planned as a time stacking experiment but the Garlic was not happy at all, it may be because Jerusalem Artichokes are part of the Sunflower family which excretes substances which other plants don’t like, this is to ensure they get their own space free from other nutrient thieving plants!

First Blueberry Harvest for Summer 2015

First Blueberry Harvest for Summer 2015 (only 1 plant)

Blueberry Plant with Lots of Berries 2015

Blueberry Plant with Lots of Berries 2015

This season's First Courgette (Zucchini)

This season’s First Courgette (Zucchini)

First Italian Vine Tomatoes forming

First Italian Vine Tomatoes forming

The prolific Flowering of the Lldi Tomato, this is one flower stem

The most productive part of the plot, L to R: Various Tomatoes Bush Legend, Italian Vine, Beefsteak, Gardeners Delight, Oca Andean Tuberous plants at bottom ( ones with clover like leaves ), Galeuse d’Eysines Pumpkin on trellis at back, Courgettes (Zucchini) with Nasturtiums growing between to attract the pollinators in,Some leaves of my potatoes at bottom, tips of my Perovskia flowers (Russian Sage) right side and my polytunnel to the left. There is even a nettle poking out and a volunteer Jerusalem Artichoke behind the Courgette!

Violas keeping the plot looking pretty - these were being thrown out due to annual bedding change by a gardening company, they recovered very well after a week or so! ...

Violas keeping the plot looking pretty – these were being thrown out due to annual bedding change by a gardening company, they recovered very well after a week or so! …

My goal for next year is to go 100% Heriloom / Heritage seed and get rid of all my Hybrid junk, I am 100% sure I do not have / own any GM seeds so safe there! So far this is my second year growing Heirloom / Heritage seed plants and I find the success is great! these plants have been Naturally adapting to our climate and therefore are better suited to times of drought, wet, local pests, fungus etc. When placed in a Polyculture system it creates even better conditions for them to thrive in! I can;t wait to order more species / varieties to experiment with for next season.

Don’t forget though, there are still many edible plants you will need to be sowing soon for winter food or overwintering for early Spring cropping! …

My ….. it dawned upon me today that we are already one month down in 2015!! Then I remembered – and asked myself: ”Isn’t there something you are (were) supposed to sow in January ? ?” …. Ah yes! My first ever sowings were in January 2012 and it was Red Cabbage. So surely I can sow other vegetables too? (I only recommend Red Cabbage if you have the space and patience to wait that long to harvest!!), my mind went blank so I had to consult the Internet! Haha

Sowing the upcoming Season's Seeds

Sowing the upcoming Season’s Seeds

I decided to skip my usual site I use as a ‘sowing calendar’ just to see what others are saying, I came across someone saying it’s good to sow Tomatoes in November to December / January! So skipped her and read a couple more. I decided to go back to my main trustworthy site and this is what I have started this evening:

  1. Aubergines – also known as: Egg Plant or Brinjal
  2. Sweet Peppers
  3. Tomatoes
  4. That was it for today but I remembered that I have a couple of beneficial plants that I wanted to get started early, these are: Poached Egg Plant (Limnanthes Douglasii) and Wild Teasel (Dipsacus fullonum), read up on the multiple benefits of Wild Teasel Here, with Poached Egg Plant, it is said to be one of the earliest flowering plants in the UK and obviously serves as a kickstarter for the pollinators, you can also germinate more towards the end of summer to have ongoing flowers into Autumn. For the Teasel, I scattered many seeds in a tray, these were harvested at the beginning of Autumn from the wild so I am not sure about the viability however,if many plants sprout I do intend on going into my local area and plant some of them in the ”Guerrilla Gardening” way. With the Poached Egg Plant, I sowed about 1 seeds and extra plants may be a gift to the neighbours and the local bees! 😉

Other vegetables possible to sow now are some varieties of Brussels Sprouts, Winter Salads, Oriental Greens and Round Seeded Peas (Ones that do not appear wrinkled when dry)

Happy Sowing! …