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Hi everyone, I really hope your growing season is going well for you all !

just a quick update that I still have another 3 Slug Trap fill up’s ( top up’s ) to go from my 12 can cheap beer pack I bought for Organic Slug Control / Traps. I have stopped counting the slugs if you remember in post #1 I trapped 20+ Slugs and the number boomed to 60+ in the second round of trapping the following week!

'' Slugnatomy '' anatomy of the vegetable loving slug

” Slugnatomy ” anatomy of the vegetable loving slug

I literally had to stop counting as I’m sure the number increased a load the following week or two, I can now confirm that the number of slugs or snails trapped are diminishing and that can only be good news! The Cull is almost over (I intended to stagger my slug trap refilling by trapping one week on and one week off To give time for new babies to hatch in between).

It has been dry lately so a new tip I came up with is to shower the area around the traps at night so that incase of dry spells the little buggers will have moist surface to slime across gleefully on the one way trip to the slug pub …

Later on in the year,perhaps closer to Autumn I intend to make a final post with my opinion and observation/s regarding this method and the tactic’s I employed, lets observe over summer if I can notice a difference in the damage caused once everything is planted outside, keep an eye out on this blog in the future …

This is a quick ”Part #2” in the Beer Trap Article, I am writing this merely to give info. on the recent ”body count” …

” Slugnatomy ” anatomy of the vegetable loving slug

So, In the main article of ” Slug Control and Prevention: The Beer Trap ” I may have mentioned that I initially put out four traps and a couple days later increased this to 7, then 9 once more plastic bottles became available. At around the 7 mark I emptied the beer and conducted a body count, with 20 results and zero other organisms.
Just last night after work, I decided to go ahead again and replenish the bait and conduct another count, it has been warming up recently here in southern England so I was half expecting to find a few more smaller ones, from the 9 traps came  …

WOW!, 61 Slugs, 1 Snail and 5 other organisms namely; 4 Wood Lice and 1 Red Wiggler Worm.

It’s Working!!

Slugs Trapped in Slug Pub

Slugs Trapped in Slug Pub

New Observations:

After twice emptying the traps, I feel that smaller bottles with smaller holes seem to have a bigger bounty (little kids yogurt bottles are excellent!)

  • I wonder if the fermentation takes longer to spoil and so the traps remain viable for a little longer? or
  • Did I just place them in locations that happened to have a bigger population nearby?,
  • Is it because they are smaller and closer to the ground level that slugs find them easier (Smell)?

Either way, they have outperformed all of the bigger bottles by far!

In conclusion: 2x cans of beer which cost me £1.08 have bagged 82 pests (Slugs and one Snail) with zero spent on materials as everything is re-purposed plastic bottles which, in the end will be Recycled once they have worn out their use.

As much as I would prefer to have Slug Control work by merely trapping them and deporting them away from your property, there are other methods which may be needed to really turn the tables in your favour if you really have a slug problem whereby removing them doesn’t seem to work…

'' Slugnatomy '' anatomy of the vegetable loving slug :)

” Slugnatomy ” anatomy of the vegetable loving slug 🙂

Slugs can and do come back soon enough if only shifted 20 or so feet away!

I am currently experimenting with a Beer Cull, I have used beer traps before over the years but read recently that an effective way to manage a beer trap system is to set the traps regularly over a period of time in order to Cull the population back to a lower, maintainable level.

As I would prefer to spend as little money as possible, I decided to go shopping around for cheap beer … Morrisons sent a nice little ”Deals” advert through my letterbox offering a case of 10 beers for £7! this was it, until I realised that a quick pop over to Aldi or Lidl would be beneficial before going for the morrisons deal … I was right!
Lidl sell a case of Carling Lager containing 12 x 440ml cans for ONLY £6.50, at this moment I am able to set 6 small traps and 2 large ones based on the below design with One can’s worth of beer (440ml):

Diagram of a DIY Wildlife Friendly Beer Trap

Preferred Method:

If your beer is 4% Alcohol >, then dilute it with 50% water to help the fermentation, Don’t fill the bottle just go based on the above diagram. If your beer is 2%, then dilution is not needed, Guinness and Ales are highly recommended above beer if you can / are willing to get some.
Dig a hole and place the bottle deep, make sure the entry holes are well above ground level, enough so that beneficial insects and bugs don’t go in (It’s harder for them to climb the plastic), but place a stick in there just in case as an exit ladder (The other bugs don’t like the beer and will want to get out).
At this point, and if you have the time – I recommend that each trap is emptied and fresh beer bait placed inside twice a week (2 cans for me). I am going to stagger the trapping so, for one week I will trap and then give a break for another week and so on, this will allow my 6 week’s supply of beer to spread over 12 weeks thereby making sure I am still trapping in the first week of May (Provided I don’t get tempted to drink some of the beer!)

Slug Control Wildlife Friendly Beer Trap in situ

Note: In the above photo, The beer trap should be another inch or so deeper into the soil, it is not a major issue but helps with attracting more slugs, my other smaller traps (in smaller bottles) tend to have many more slugs compared to these two 1ltr juice bottles.

Slug Beer Trap SUCCESS ! ! 20 in first week

Initial conclusion: There was a good success of 20 Slugs in the first week!, given I have been seriously too busy at work and didn’t manage the energy to go outside in the evening one night to empty and replenish the traps, a count of 20 was really welcome! Tonight the fresh traps went out and about half were put into a different area than last week.

Week #2: Excellent score of 61 Slugs and 1 Snail, again it is observed that the smaller traps worked better

Read the Full Update on Week #2 Here.