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I just have to make a post about this awesome Heriloom, (non Hybrid / GMO) Tomato Plant ( Tomato ‘Millefleur’ ) because I keep raving about it in previous posts and now, after harvesting 138 tomatoes from One Plant for the Second Time (I think the previous was 134 +- from the one in my Garden a few weeks ago) …

I highly reccommend this Tomato for a small space or balcony garden as it makes huge flower trusses which never seem to stop producing more and more flower! You eventually end up having to cut off any new growth especially when the season starts becoming a little unpredictable (quite common here in the UK).

Please excuse the low quality shots below of the plant …


Tomato ‘Millefleur’ – a New breed known as Centiflor Tomatoes

Okay, now unfortunately I cannot say any true estimate of how many Tomatoes I have harvested in total so far from the two plants I have, but I can give a rough estimate of around 350 / 370 Tomatoes harvested to date between Both Plants combined, with perhaps another 100 – 150 to come depending on weather conditions, the Tom’s are there alrerady but we are not sure whether they will ripen as it’s almost October and usually by this time of the year, Tomatoes are dead or covered in Blight!

Okay so you aren’t keen on having such an abundant supply of one fruit? Sure, but remember, there is Always the backup of Preservation or even giving to your community! In the coming days I will post an article on Drying and Jarring / Canning your Tomatoes to be able to last into Winter and easily into the following year!


Tomato ‘Millefleur’ a definite ”Permaculture Plant” in my books, so versatile and fruit can be Preserved to supply well into the next year


Please keep an eye out on this Blog, I may just open a shop option whereby I may sell limited amounts of seed packs here of Plants / Annuals which I highly recommend.

Growing these Tomato plants in pots on a Balcony or small space is a good possibility under the following conditions:

  1. Planted in a Large Pot with lots of Organic Material mixed into the soil / compost,
  2. Watered everyday when very hot and dry, but every 3rd day or so during normal summer weather (keep a tray saucer beneath pot if possible),
  3. Fed with a liquid feed once a week after maybe one month after potting into the large pot,
  4. Top of the compost / soil layer covered in some kind of dry mulch such as straw, well composted woodchip etc.
  5. Pot preferrably placed in the shade whilst the plant itself sits in sun as much as possible, you can slice old thick bags like the ones compost come in from the shops, wrap these around the sides only of the plant pot (if the bag is White) to reflect sun and prevent evaporation,
  6. Nip off all new flowers between 15th August and beginning of September as these will hardly get a chance to form and ripen, nipping them off will divert the energy / nutrients into the existing Tomatoes

Do you have / want to grow on your Balcony or very confined space? Then You Need To watch This Video – this will show you just how much can be added into a small space if designed properly!

Hi everyone, I know¬† I haven’t been on in a while, can you guess why? …

Home Grown Organic Apples using Permaculture Methods

Home Grown Organic Apples using Permaculture Methods

Well, we are now in the season (Northern Hemisphere) where Apples, Plums, wild fruits like Wild Damson and Blackberries start falling and ripening. Tomatoes are slowing down with the ripening and I have, for the first time, now started preserving some of my produce as well as going food foraging and asking relatives, colleagues and neighbours for their unwanted fruit (by offering to go pick it and clean what is already rotting on the ground). The result is bottles and bottles of Tomato Sauces, Green (Unripened) Tomato Chutney, Damson Jam, Plum Chutney and even Apple Cider / Cider Vinegar! There are still more recipes to be made and I will be posting articles on these including instructions as time goes on … so keep tuned and follow the blog!

Tomato Gardeners Delight, Organically Grown using Permaculture Methods

Tomato Gardeners Delight, Organically Grown using Permaculture Methods

I have specifically chosen easy to follow / simple recipes to keep within the Permie way of using less effort and energy to produce a yield.