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Hi everyone, this is just a quick update on my Dandelion Flower Wine (I made a batch around May when the flowers were still about in abundance). Click here for the recipe.

Dandelion 1

Home Brewed Dandelion Flower Wine

I couldn’t resist and had one bottle about a month after first making the batch, the other three are now going to sit and mature – I keep reading that you should enjoy them starting around Christmas the same year onwards, I sincerely hope that I can leave one bottle to serve for a nice boiling hot day in Summer 2018 whilst next year’s batch is being bottled up and into storage!

I also have a previous post on Dandelion flower Jam, you will not regret making this at least once in your life!

The wine was quite nice, still a little strong with some fementation taking place so hopefully it will mellow down a bit in a few month’s from now, the alcohol content is surprisingly quite high.


Dandelion flower Wine, bubbling away (2nd Week)

Keep an eye out, I will have a couple recipes for Elderflower wine and Elderberry Cordial coming up soon …

Hi everyone, I know¬† I haven’t been on in a while, can you guess why? …

Home Grown Organic Apples using Permaculture Methods

Home Grown Organic Apples using Permaculture Methods

Well, we are now in the season (Northern Hemisphere) where Apples, Plums, wild fruits like Wild Damson and Blackberries start falling and ripening. Tomatoes are slowing down with the ripening and I have, for the first time, now started preserving some of my produce as well as going food foraging and asking relatives, colleagues and neighbours for their unwanted fruit (by offering to go pick it and clean what is already rotting on the ground). The result is bottles and bottles of Tomato Sauces, Green (Unripened) Tomato Chutney, Damson Jam, Plum Chutney and even Apple Cider / Cider Vinegar! There are still more recipes to be made and I will be posting articles on these including instructions as time goes on … so keep tuned and follow the blog!

Tomato Gardeners Delight, Organically Grown using Permaculture Methods

Tomato Gardeners Delight, Organically Grown using Permaculture Methods

I have specifically chosen easy to follow / simple recipes to keep within the Permie way of using less effort and energy to produce a yield.