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Hi all,I came across this short, but sweet little video where the owner opened up their garden for free tours on a nice sunny day so the video uploader went in and filmed their quick walk around.
Unfortunately there is no commentary only some soothing music whilst the whole setup is filmed, only 3+ Minutes, worth a watch I say!


I’m glad I re-stumbled upon this video of the Dervaes Family in the US, The basic plot is that their father became quite dissatisfied with the way things were going in the food industry when he found out that the tortilla wraps he gave his children for a meal were being recalled due to being ”accidentally” made using GMO Corn.
He then began back garden growing which turned eventually into a complete package including animals, sustainable fuel mixing (Bio fuel), bee keeping, selling their produce to local restaurants etc. and earning $20,000 per year from the extras, after watching this, feel free to go stare at your boring lawn! …

Must see for some much needed Inspiration!