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In this 5 minute video we get to see an indoor compost toilet system, bio-shelter thermal battery, and low-maintenance gardens

Here I have an old tip which we have been doing for many years ever since I was a child, well, my Mom told me about it and I asked if we have done it in our home, when she said no, I was immediately outside scratching around for the required materials.

It’s simple, and think of it as How Much water will you save over a year, 5 years or your lifetime if you implement this Now?

brick toilet

Toilet & Brick Water Saving Technique

Toilet & Brick Water Saving Technique

  • All you do is grab a few different sized bricks, and perhaps a couple of shopping plastic bags. open the cistern of your toilet/s and try figure out which brick will consume a lot of the space but not disrupt the mechanics of the flushing device. (more…)