Monthly Sowing Calendar: September

Posted: August 31, 2018 in Greenhouse Polytunnels & Cold Frames, Pest Control, Seed Sowing / Sowing calendar, Winter Sowing

We’re starting to gear down a bit now as we start seeing Summer receding day-by-day, Hopefully you got some of your late Summer sowings in and as we move closer to Autumn, you can still and do still have quite a large selection of greens to grow over Autumn and over-wintering to spring! This year I will try my best to grow as much as what’s manageable.

SeptSo get  connected to your local Streetbank / freecycle or similar site to see if anyone has some fleece / cloche that they could give away or go to your Garden center if you need to fix some dinks in your polytunnels or greenhouses – and get your seeds ordered! …



mini polytunnels for vegetables

Mini-Tunnels for Vegetable Growing In Colder Weather


Remember, some Skip-Raiding (foraging in Industrial Waste bins and dumpsters for salvageable and recyclable materials) could  get you some used Free window panes which you could use to build a cold-frame.


  • Spring cabbage (early September, warmer areas only)

  • Winter salads and greens including winter lettuce, endives and oriental vegetables

  • Bunching onions (early September)

  • Broad beans and hardy (round seeded) peas to overwinter (from mid September)

  • Kale for small leaves in salads

Greenhouse / Polytunnel

  • The hardier oriental greens such as; choy sum, komatsuna, mustard greens, mizuna, Tsoi Sim and chinese cabbage.


  • I find Broad Beans started the previous year tend to get far less black fly than Spring-sown beans, they may take about a month to sprout if sown later than September but they always come up in the end, if direct-sown, I recommend laying chicken mesh on top until you see them germinating – once they are large enough, you can carefully lift the chicken mesh up until they have all popped through, they will likely need some support structure like a bamboo cane
  • Spring Cabbage should be far less affected by Cabbage Butterfly so it’s always good to try if you have trouble growing Brassicas in Summer.
  • This year (2018) is the first year that I grew Garlic in Spring instead of the previous November (’17), this was purely because I forgot to – what I did notice is not only smaller bulbs but also quite a lot of disease / pest activity, so in conclusion, get your growing bulbs ready maybe in October


  1. Helen says:

    I too have found that autumn-sown broad beans have far fewer problems with blackfly. On the other hand, the pigeons love them 😉.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jeffpermie says:

      ahhh luckily I don’t have that problem … anyway. thanks Helen for such a cool blog and following / regularly visiting mine … sadly I’m retiring from wordpress due to low interest in my blog.

      It’s been great, I’m not shutting down but if it does go off then wordpress must have shut it down due to inactivity. I will maybe post a few times a year if it helps to keep it online but thats no guarantee.

      Cheers, Jeff 🙂


      • Helen says:

        There are one or two people who follow my blog but don’t have an active blog themselves (ie their blog is empty). So, I don’t think WP will shut yours down.

        Sorry you feel disheartened due to lack of activity. Sometimes it can definitely feel as though you’re blogging into the ether!


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