For the Love of Nature .. PLEASE STOP planting Buxus…

Posted: July 31, 2018 in Awareness & Information, Pest Control

I know that this summer has been bad in terms of the ‘drought’ we are experiencing in England / Britain and this may be part of the cause of the issue discussed further but, it is human stubbornness that is the main culprit when it comes to environmental issues.

People insist on Buxus (Box hedge /tree) in their gardens but now the Box tree Caterpillar is a serious pest in the UK and other parts of Europe, as usual people turn to the RHS for advice and they themselves don’t even tell us that our chemical treatments Will kill other beneficial insects such as Ladybirds, Bees, Lacewigs etc etc.

The solution is simple, Stop Trying To Fight what may become a permanent problem!! Simply get rid of the Buxus and replace it with similar shrubs ie: ‘Ilex crenata‘ being one I would say is the go-to replacement.

Also, write to and pressure the RHS to take more time out and inform their members about the environmental damages which the chemicals they seem to promote – actually cause.

  1. Helen says:

    Thanks for promoting this issue. I’m not sure what box actually is, though. The RHS does many good things but I would like it if they could stop suggesting chemicals as a solution.


    • jeffpermie says:

      Yes, they seem to be leaning away from chemicals as their first option so, in the article they wrote about the Buxus issue, they did make a small statement mentioning that they are not promoting the chemicals as the main option and they also put non-chemical treatment above the alternative (albeit they did make good effort to list the options by their product names so, make of that what you will) anyway, in the past I did email to ask why they ignored the World Health Organisation’s warning about Glyphosate (The WHO has classed it as ‘Probably Causing Cancer a couple of years ago’) and they got back to me basically saying they will only act on the warning if and only if the EU decides it is true!! An activist friend of mine took it much further and sent them loads of information he researched for hours / days and again they refused to even just let their members know about the WHO warning.
      My friend simply said ”an organisation such as youselves still needs to inform their thousands of members so that some of them may come to their own decision to stop using the chemical until at the very least, they get more info. on it or get the all-clear that it is okay to use etc.” Still the response was not very co-operative or understanding, personally I think Monsanto and the other chemical-biotech cartels are probably huge background donors to the RHS (Remember, they are a charity after all, with persuasive control on thousands of loyal members countrywide – I personally have met a good handfull of people who have the paradigm of; if the RHS says something as a fact, then it is a fact, no questions asked).

      By the way, Im about to post an article that proves Monsanto is fully aware that Glyphosate Does in fact cause Cancer!

      Thanks Helen for stopping by 🙂


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