I came across a few warnings on social media a good few years ago about ‘Smart’ meters, these were mainly from people in the North Americas and sometimes from others just reposting from others. I didn’t think much of it except that I would not be allowing one ever installed at / in my dwelling – I’m in the UK and it is not as common here …

With the recent serious push in the mainstream media as well as on social media to have these ”excellent free ‘Smart’ meters” installed so that ”you can save money” – it is literally on bus stops, youtube adverts (over and over even sometimes on the same video), in newspaper adverts and finally, the twinkle toothed salesman knocking on my door desperate for his comission cheque… that was the last straw!

I did a little bit of snooping around and found a pretty compelling documentary (which I had watched in full a few years ago) that outlines the main health concerns regarding these meters, the main part which shocked me was the Blood testing of three subjects, each exposed to a ‘Smart’ meter from the distance of 1 foot for a controlled time of 2 minutes. Luckily, I have found a excerpt of the documentary which is less than 3 minutes long and is of the said blood test (Below), for those of you who are interested in their health, I highly recommend you watch it then make a little bit of effort to dig around some more to get more information. Before you do, remember One thing, the person / persons and corporation/s involved will always have someone or a group of well paid people with PHd’s behind their names spewing rubbish on any claims made by actual individuals whom have been experiencing problems with this ‘Smart’ technology as well as any Independent Researchers and Scientists who are merely doing their common man / woman a favour by checking whether these things should ever have been allowed in the first place…

In another part of the documentary, a young / middle aged man was at home when a utilities company employee actually kicked his basement door in, just to install the meter without consent (Why didn’t they just knock / wait until he opened? because once installed … very hard to get them to remove it!), he got the scene on video:

The Full Documentary is called Take Back Your Power and you can view it Here.

Do what is right for you, your family and neighbours, spread this to everyone!

  1. Helen says:

    Goodness me, this is very concerning. I wonder if the meter would have the same effect if it was on the outside wall of the house?

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    • jeffpermie says:

      very much so, and quite sad as well that many people across the nation will either have these installed or already have and will have a huge struggle to get it removed in the case that they hear / see this information or experience the sleep disorders etc.
      The thing that disgusts me the most is that they have known for many years that RF technology is extremely bad for us, yet they allow it to be used all over!
      I recommend you check out the youtube documentary called ‘resonance, beings of frequency’ it spills the beans on most of the wireless technology we use from Wifi to mobile phones etc.
      I hope you can reject these things and keep your loved ones / friends safe too by at least letting them know 🙂


      • Helen says:

        I’ve always had my concerns about WIFI but have succumbed… and of course, I have a mobile phone, which I am using right now. However, I don’t see any need for a smart meter – I know what’s switched on and why 😉.

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      • jeffpermie says:

        You could get someone who is tech-savvy to ‘hardwire’ your wifi router so that you have to use cables instead of the signal and you could have the option to switch on the wireless when it is absolutely needed, its a bit of a mission but worth it in my opinion.
        Switch both your wifi and your mobile off at night, it could save your life


      • Helen says:

        Yes, we do switch the WIFI and mobiles off at night 😊.


  2. cookingflip says:

    Interesting post. Health issues aside, I think some people are also reporting that readings in smart meters do not reflect the actual energy usage, and that the analog ones are still more reliable.

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