Living With The Land: Part 2; Natural Building (Short Video)

Posted: March 2, 2018 in Awareness & Information, Design, DIY home projects, Sustainable Construction
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In Part Two in this series, (Click Here for Part 1) they go though the differences and advantages with Natural Building materials versus Modern Building and Construction.

Various different applications are mentioned as well as a bit of history / facts regarding statistics on worldwide usage …

Did you know that of all the pollution caused by mainstream construction, Cement accounts for 14% of all Carbon Dioxide waste worldwide? And here in the UK, you can see good useable half fill (Sometimes 100% full) bags of cement being thrown away in Rubbish Skips (Dumpsters) as they were merely extra leftovers after the construction project was complete? All of my own cement I have used over the last 6 years have been salvaged from Skips!



  1. […] Video Courtesy of Permaculturemedia on youtube. Click Here for Part1 and Part2. […]


  2. […] are abundant across the countries 7000+ Islands, the way that homes and other buildings have been made from Cod (Clay earth mixture) and can stand for hundreds of years in Europe is testament to the fact that […]


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