I have been meaning for ages to post some photo’s from the last season, with the recent chilly weather, this couldn’t have come at a better time to post!

Thing’s that I have been up to regarding preperations for the upcoming season both in the garden as well as on the allotment include Fruit tree grafting (attaching other varieties of Apple for example onto an existing tree making the tree dual / tri fruiting). Digging and maintaining Bean trenches (I will be sure to create a post on this in the future), planting loads of Garlic, Developing Two (2) yes, T W O new Hugelkultur (Hugel Mounds) that are reasonably sized and now I can say that I have good experience with Hugel Beds after creating four over the last 3 or so years.

This last summer wealded a big increase in dry bean production, I like to grow runner beans both for fresh pods but also for the dry beans, some people may say that this is impossible in the UK climate, I say don’t listen to them! It is possible with certain varieties …

The harvest photo is of the best single harvest I had during the whole summer, unfortunately I got Tomato blight so my ‘Purple Ukraine’ variety suffered before they were ready to harvest 😦


All Organic Permaculture Allotment Harvest 2017

I also, at some point during the hectic busy summer I had, managed to go around counting the amount of Perennials I have on site. Including tubers which re-sprout if you leave one in the planting space, I counted 22 species and this excludes the fruit bushes I have waiting planting! The compost bins have had a good part of my attention as I would really like to completely become self sufficient in terms of compost either by Summer this year or next Spring, this has included turning regularly and continual adding of some fresh greens to keep the worms fed, a compost bin can do with additional insulation this time of year and I highly recommend a black bin liner placed over the opening before putting the lid back on, this seals the heat in.

Finally,a large section that was overgrown with bind weed was lasagne / sheet mulched in preperation for a dedicated berry / fruit area.

  1. jeffpermie says:

    Hi everyone (regular followers and new visitors) thanks for viewing and liking, I do not use social media as I really don’t have the time to so I would really appreciate it if you would share any posts you like around, I do not earn anything from this blog and any adverts seen are the default ones that wordpress have on there to fund their business. I spend quite a lot of time researching, hands on practical work and then writing the blog and it is all to be able to help educate people to do the right thing for nature and themselves so it would be great to have a small army of people who might share some of my posts a couple of times per month just to get more interaction here 🙂

    Cheers all and I hope you enjoy the upcoming Season ahead!

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  2. Brian in Chicago says:

    I manage a couple blogs on wordpress. Since I happened to have a facebook personal account (don’t use it,) I decided to make a page for each WP blog so that no post could be uploaded there, and son of a gun, it’s actually getting some traffic (I’m guessing from people doing keyword searches.) I also post to a twitter account in the same way, and it does get traffic, and all I do is post using key words.
    Just food for thought.


  3. Brian in Chicago says:

    …so that NEW posts could be uploaded

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    • jeffpermie says:

      Thanks man for the info. / advice, I have been thinking of doing it again, I just hate all of the logging in, I’ve rejected using ‘smart’ phones and I never allow anything to remain open and logged in. It even took me about a month to remember what my log in was here! haha


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