I will (hopefully weekly) be posting part by part, all of the episodes of Living With The Land which is a series shot by the good people involved with the Permaculture scene (mainly Permaculture Media) in the UK.

forest gardening

Just one example of how inside / part of a Forest Garden looks like

In this episode they discuss the concept behind Forest Gardening and how it is done, it includes some interview time with Martin Crawford who is known famously in the UK scene as he owns and has been maintaining a 20+ year old forest garden.


Follow my blog for updates when I post the following videos in the series, for the imaptient, you can view the series on their youtube channel from the above video.

  1. Helen says:

    I hope one day to visit Michael Crawford’s site!


  2. skyeent says:

    Me too Helen, I am making a plan for next year…Martin Crawford, Eden project, Gardens of Helligan, East Devon Forest Garden, Tregothnan Tea gardens, Coleton Fishacre, Otter Farm… There are so many fascinating gardens and gardening people in the West Country. I’m trying to work out what season would be best, I think September or July.

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