Nature provides! I say no more, well I still have to give you all the basic recipe for this natural Immune System Booster.

At the moment, Elderberries (‘Sambucus nigra‘) are still available on most Elder trees (pay attention to trees that are mostly in shaded areas or situated behind / under larger shrub or trees as these will bare berries a little later or / the berries will take a bit longer to spoil).


I emphasise on the importance in obtaining Fresh berries as opposed to buying dried berries online, buying online should be a last resort only if you have actually made the effort in trying to locate the Trees and found none or if you live in a highly polluted area…

The steps are really simple and this syrup can be made into many different recipes for various Medicinal Benefits, here however, I am giving the very basic recipe and you can then go ahead to try different herbs / spices to make different batches for the Flu / Cold season.

What’s needed:

  • Harvested Elderberries that are enough to make Two Cups of loose berries (I recommend you pick a lot and freeze he rest but please, remember to leave some for birds and other wildlife),
  • Water (2x Cups),
  • Local Honey (One Jar per 2 cups of berries),
  • Muslin cloth or bags,
  • Optional: Cloves, Ginger, Thyme, Cinnamon sticks etc. for more advanced medicines


  • Place the Two Cups of Elderberries in a Saucepan / Pot together with the Two Cups of water and a cinnamon stick, then boil,
  • Once Boiling, lower the heat and simmer until the liquid reduces to around half the original volume,
  • Pour into a heat resistant container and let cool down to room temperature ( a measuring container might be best for your first time),
  • Once cool, pour the mixture through a Muslin cloth or bag into a new container, lift out the cloth / bag and give it a good squeeze to release extra juices,
  • Add the same amount of Local Honey as your leftover liquid so for example, if you had 350ml of the juice after it cooled down, then add 350ml of Local Honey and mix well,
  • Place into clean sterilised jars (I Highly recommend the Washing and Oven method)
sambucus nigra

‘Sambucus nigra’ – Ripe Elderberries

This recipe is to boost the immune system for the flu and cold months and needs to be placed in the fridge / freezer immediately.


  • Take one spoonful every morning during or near the flu season, increase to three times per day if you feel flu or a cold coming on.

In the fridge this should last 3-4 months only so I reccommend actually making a large batch (4x cups of Elderberries makes around 3 standard jam / honey jars with some leftover) and freezing the rest to keep aside for closer to December onwards.

One good idea I have seen is to pour them into ice trays for freezing, you can then remove a few cubes for your own use anytime between or before December!

elderberry syrup

Elderberry ‘Sambucus nigra’ Syrup, medicinal recipe

  1. Brian in Chicago says:

    I fully endorse this. I’ve made an elderberry syrup for a few years that the family’s consumed. It’s certainly helped shorten the duration of ill-ness when a bug has gone around.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jeffpermie says:

      Hey thanks Brian for the advice! This will be the first season my family is using this, although the youngest one got a cold a couple of weeks ago and he was over it in two days which is quite unusual with him.


  2. Helen says:

    Sadly, we don’t have much elder round us!


    • jeffpermie says:

      You’ll have to keep an eye out, sometimes there can be a very productive tree somewhere around a corner or hanging over a neighbour’s wall …
      I’d advise to check local nature reserves or council nature parks (Our council has a lot of land considered ”Conservation Park”) the one near me has probably 20-50 large trees in it, it’s just about finding your way though the nettles and brambles to get to them though.


      • Helen says:

        I actually live right next to a nature reserve. I think it’s being left to the pioneers (though it is being managed within that framework), which is interesting. I’ve seen some elder there, but like you say, hard to get to! Still, this area is full of rosehips right now, so I should get plenty of goodness from them.

        Liked by 1 person

      • jeffpermie says:

        That’s another one! I keep reading that it is recommended to wait until first frosts cure them a bit however, with such a wierd summer we just had, I’m a bit worried that they mostly all drop before then?


      • Helen says:

        Yes, that could well be the case…. or the birds will have them all.


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