I accidentally let a Courgette (Zucchini) get to Marrow size, although I sometimes do this, I so far haven’t let any go past the 1 kg mark, the harvest from last week yielded a Marrow that is sitting somewhere at the 1.85 kg mark!! We still have yet to open it and see if it has gone to seed, if yes are they woody yet? if not, is it soft and still edible? I have seen a recipe online for Stuffed large Courgettes which I would like to give a try …

25 Runner Beans ‘Czar’, 35 Tomato ‘Millefleur’, 2x Italian Vine Tomatoes and the Courgette-Zilla with it’s normal sized cousin. The Millefleur tomatoes are really delicious straight from the bush, this variety will be a mainstay from now on for me.


Regrets I have, as usual are that I again had plants germinated which I didn’t get in the ground or at least re-potted soon enough, they went to waste and this harvest could have included a good bowl full of various leafy greens for a nice salad … perhaps even an Aubergine or two if I had made good effort to get my polytunnel finished at least two months ago.

In the above photo’s you can see the prolific fruiting of the Tomato ‘Millefleur’ variety, we have had a pretty weak summer this year and I suspect that this variety will do much better in hotter summers.
I am very, very chuffed to say that I Finally got a Watermelon forming, the little ball really expanded quite a bit in the last day or two since I first spotted it (there looks to be another forming on one of the other plants too 🙂
Since it is so late in the season to even think of the watermelon doing well at all, I just need to get the polytunnel finished and work on adding heat mass temporarily into the tunnel to counter the inevitable cold nights that are very close around the corner -by heat mass I mean large rocks / bricks etc to absorb the sun’s radiation during the day to release slowly at night, the Watermelon Variety is bred for a short season so hopefully by October it can be harvested
One or two flowers from the one surviving Melon seem to be selling too so hopefully something is going on there as well …

It was a clear day (mostly) and everything in the pond was highly visible almost down to the bottom, my Oxygenating plants have grown so much I can start selling them in small batches now (the Water Mint is also sending shoots out in every direction, looks like I may have to sell a pond starter package online?), today I spotted the regular frog then suddenly a smaller one popped out from the same hiding place!

The pond has been swamped with Water Skaters, I saw two who found a lonesome Woodlouse to munch on. Today I managed to add some Onions into my last outdoor sowings of Carrots (the Carrots were seeded about two weeks ago – the Onions were placed where seeds failed to Germinate), planting a few Onions between and around your Carrots will confuse Carrot Root Fly – for those of you who are new to this, it’s called a few names worldwide – most commonly, Companion Planting or Intercropping.

I planted these onions knowing it is too late for them, but two things could happen here;
1: They will be a reasonable size once they need pulling out, so can be used as Salad Onions or
2: If small enough, they can be lifted to be stored to dry out, then I can use them to start early in my polytunnel for large Spring time Onions
3: They will survive at least most of the length of the Carrots’ life, so they will have fulfilled their purpose if they only provide the distracting scents

The Globe Artichokes ‘Cynara cardunculus’ a non edible variety of Globe Artichoke which is used mainly for ornamental reasons, are doing well it seems. All three are sending out fresh shoots including the one I planted in the very beginning (About 4 month’s ago when I got granted the land) -the most recent ones are scavenged from another plot which is vacant, I don’t want to find out that new tenants thought it was a weed and decided to kill them off …










  1. Looks like you are doing well this year. Because of our personal issues this season, much of my harvest rotted on the vine. We have had very little to can, freeze, or dehydrate. But we were able to salvage some. Glad to see you back writing again.

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    • jeffpermie says:

      Sorry to hear that, I hope everything worked out for you whatever it was that you experienced – today I harvested 134 Cherry tom’s, 14 larger ones, 2 large Zucchinis, 5x Achochas and some salad leaves etc.
      Pumpkins were going great till finding one on the ground last week, now one is half rotted on the trellis … ah well.
      thanks, glad to be back too


  2. C E Jackson says:

    what do you think of achocha? what size do you use them? Do you think they are replacement for peppers? I had 2 weeks away from my allotment and came back to a mass of mature achocha. I am currently using them in courgette soup and modifying cucumber jam recipies!
    Re the marigolds, do you grow french or african …. have you come across Mexican?

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    • jeffpermie says:

      Hello there, My Achocha only seem to get around 1.5 or so inches long with slightly over 1 inch wide when they start changing slightly to a yellow colour – this is my first year using them and we have so far only used in toppings on a pizza and replacement as peppers in stir fries etc. There isa larger variety which my seed supplier uses as a stuffer, this variet needs a polytunnel to do well in UK climate so I gave it a skip this year. I was advised that the variety I got ”Fat Baby” is an equivalent to green pepper – I have yet to try them raw though … Slugs and Snails kept away from them so for now I will consider them as a pepper replacement!
      My marigolds are the African variety, I have not come across the mexican one yet, Marigolds also suppress the growth of Bind Weed dueto some kind of chemical they give off, I will experiment with this next year.
      That Cucumber jam recipe sounds very interesting 🙂


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