Why do I recommend you find a local bee keeper who sells honey? Because you know where it came from, who collects it and the fact that it is pure!
The Chinese have developed a system of pressure filtering honey so that all the pollen is extracted leaving a honey like goo which tastes almost exactly like the real thing but lacking the goodness. You cannot simply decide not to buy Chinese honey because they have explored a loophole where they sell in bulk, to another country where it simply gets processed into individual jars and marked as ”Made in ‘X’ Country”. Plus, who knows which countries have bought the technology to pressure filter their honey? Solution, … go direct to a bee keeper!

Further,some research and observation shows that by consuming local honey (as local as possible to where you live) you boost your immune system because those particular bees are harvesting pollen from plants that are in your immediate vicinity (Bees can forage up to 5 miles from their nest) this helps during the pollen / hay-fever season.

Raw Honey vs Processed Honey

Raw Honey vs Processed Honey


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