GMO / Golden Rice has a competitor, it’s called Permaculture!!

Some of you have heard the lobby backed calls for the GMO Golden rice to be pushed into production asap because many people mainly in Asia suffer from vitamin A deficiency, Golden Rice is a Genetically Manipulated product whereby Vitamin A is forced into the genes of the original rice (The agenda is purely for profit as the multi billion dollar Biotech cartels have their investor’s interests to look after and please).

Ban Golden Rice - Philippines

Ban Golden Rice – Philippines

No doubt, someday soon, a Monsanto / Bayer / Syngenta / Dow / Du Pont / Pioneer et al Troll will pick up on this article and label me as a ”child killer standing in the way of poor 3rd world peoples health”, that’s absolutely fine, as they themselves ignore independent research into GM technology and only look at what the industry itself and it’s paid ‘scientists’ report on their completely ‘unbiased’ findings … I have looked at both sides of the story and theirs is Not convincing!

Ban Golden Rice - Philippines Protests

Ban Golden Rice – Philippines Protests

There are so many green / veggie foods high in vitamin A that can be grown Exactly where these people live, which makes this ”technology” completely unnecessary.

Ever heard of the Moringa Tree? AKA The Miracle Tree … Well IRRI definitely either has not or, they don’t want you to know! (IRRI = International Rice Research Institute) < Sponsored by US / EU Biotech and hosted in the Philippines.

Lets take a look at the three images that totally undermine the goals of the Golden Rice Lobby:

Moringa ''Miracle Tree'' Benefits / Nutrients

Moringa ”Miracle Tree” Benefits / Nutrient Composition

Moringa Leaves, Mineral / Vitamin Composition

Moringa Leaves, Mineral / Vitamin Composition

World Map where Moringa grows naturally / or when planted – this is exactly where it is needed. People don’t know so education is far more beneficial than some unproven technology

There you have it folks, Golden Rice Debunked in Three Images!

Dear Filipino People and the Philippine Government … IRRI’s budget in 2014 according to Wikipedia is USD 99.19 Million, Moringa Seeds are available online on sites such as Ebay. I did some calculations and this budget would buy 3,171,888,500 (Billion) Moringa Seeds for immediate planting worldwide, starting where there is the most recorded cases of Vitamin A deficiency !!
Moringa is grown in the Philippines already, but has clearly somehow skipped Media/ Authority attention … for some reason.

For further reading on GMO’s so you can come to your own conclusion, here are Independent websites containing articles and research into the controversial technology. I highly recommend you to Always look at what the alternative / independent media report on world changing issues as most likely, what you read in the newspapers is one sided (the side of the one paying the most money):

Good Documentary on GMO’s

  1. cookingflip says:

    I think Golden Rice already lost the fight in the Philippines–not sure though if at some point IRRI tried to revive it. People in the villages themselves were resistant to the idea (thinking that the current rice seeds they’re using are still organic when they’re also GMO already–although there are still some organic ones being grown). You might want to follow the advocacies of SEARICE (also based in the Philippines) who spearheaded the fight against this new rice variety.

    Not related, but interesting to note–there had been attempts in the past to document the different endogenous rice seeds in the country–just to make sure the villages first made the claim to ownership before some companies start patenting them! I hope this is being followed through.

    On moringa/malunggay–it’s present in almost everybody’s backyard garden since ages past. It’s nutritional value was also always promoted by the Department of Health (targeted to kids, I suppose)–but that was in the old days, when the economics of politics was not yet as bad as it is today!


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    • jeffpermie says:

      Salamat po so much for the input!
      I’m currently growing Malunggay in a pot indoors, in some photo’s I have seen in Phil’s I can definitely say the background almost always has some lurking somewhere in a corner


      • cookingflip says:

        Yay! I hope it thrives and you get to harvest some. Best in clear broth, and other veggie/fish/chicken dishes in coconut milk. I suppose in any creme soup as well. They could grow very tall, and the trunk width like a big man (‘have two in my yard back home)!

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  2. The moringa tree is not a staple in those countries, so your argument is basically “why don’t these people radically change their diet?’

    [I have looked at both sides of the story]

    Given how little you know about the moringa tree and the dietary habits of people in that part of the world, I sincerely doubt that you have any notion of what you’ve been reading.


    • jeffpermie says:

      Maybe I used the wrong terms in my article? perhaps, it’s just funny how your claim which is based purely upon assumptions that I know nothing of this tree species, as well as the ”dietary habits” of the people in ”that part of the world” which part in particular? Philippines, or are you referring to the map which I provided showing where Moringa is / can be cultivated? if you mean Philippines well, I know very damn well their diets as I have been eating Filipino food Weekly for the last decade and have travelled there on multiple occasions too. In fact, moringa was planted (intercropped) on a mini Organic Permaculture project which I was managing and designing, it is also planted on land which I own and also I am growing one indoors. Being that I live in a Temperate climate, the only fact is that I do not have much practical experience with the tree …

      Sincerely, Jeff who doesn’t live life based on assumptions 🙂


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