First off, Rest In Peace to the victims of the GMO (Genetic Engineering) experiment in the paragraph below and the fact that we have been on this experiment globally including in such large proportions in the United States where companies have lobbied politicians to PREVENT labeling of GMO’s on food products!

Again, if GMO’s are not something to be concerned with and they are so safe then why are the biotech cartels and large multinational corporations so scared of labeling ?

With the annual international March Against Monsanto fresh in our minds one week ago (I did attend), I remembered that there is one provable case where a Genetically Engineered product has caused death and misery;

In 1989 a commercially sold amino acid called L-tryptophan that had been manufactured with genetically engineered bacteria by the Showa Denko company, caused 37 deaths and around 1,500 cripplings.
”Victims did not simply drop over dead after taking one dose, which would have made the cause of their illness easy to trace, but the effects were a slow deterioration of their minds and bodies after eating the amino acid on several occasions. So the cause of the new epidemic was inherently difficult to trace to its source.”
”Showa Denko destroyed the evidence that could have been used to determine the scientific cause of the problem. They destroyed the genetically engineered bacterial stocks, along with any potentially surviving specks that investigators might have recovered from the walls or the equipment in their facilities. As a result of this, we scientists may never be able to learn exactly what happened.”

Read the full article here.

If you are concerned about Genetic Engineering, there is one great way to help change our food supply in a way to ensure we have a choice and this is to boycott companies which lobby politicians to vote against labeling. Click here for a list of companies which are very pro GM and how much they paid to prevent labeling, even if you live in a foreign country you can boycott them on behalf of those in countries where labeling has been averted through corporate influence and remember to tell them why, there are many alternative / substitute products you can get, often tasting just the same!

Please share this video below, even though the vote is over, the information and direction of the video is very moving.
As a testament to the power & influence of the Biotech Cartels, this video was removed by youtube:

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