Don’t let this ”negative” news / information let you feel down, allow it to make you want to change your life even if at a small step at a time, you do get the ‘feel-good factor’ and every committed person will help end this outrageous trend which I feel is mainly perpetrated by the Western world lifestyle which is catching on in every country it infects.

The World Food Clock, a countdown in seconds with the estimated annual food wastage worldwide, there is another arrow at the bottom of the screen where you can see other stats such as how much water is needed per kilogram of meat or land needed to feed 22 people etc. click below, the countdown starts automatically once the page is loaded …

World Food Clock Screenshot at the 26 second mark, as you can see we waste an average of one third of food we produce

I came across this on one of the March Against Monsanto webpages shared by a contributing writer who is also organising the London march this coming Saturday 23rd May 2015. If you are unaware of Monsanto, who they are and why people are protesting against them, click the below three links on previous articles regarding Genetically ”Modified” (Manipulated) Organisms, aka GMO’s;

Art1, Art2 / Good Documentary, Art3.

Monsanto and other large Corporate companies have lobbied millions against labeling of GMO’s especially in the US, if they are not bad, then why shouldn’t they be labelled ? …

The Blatant Corruption That is Monsanto and Scumbag Politicians or Government Employees in the US


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