Hi everyone, I know it’s been a little while since the last post.

A friend recently asked me for advice as he wants to have a couple grapevines firstly for covering a pergola and secondly if possible, for the fruit. As we are in the UK, if fruit is one of the requirements it is best to grow under cover, here is a great video where instead of specially obtaining a greenhouse or polytunnel, the guy just has a transparent roof on his shed and the vine leading into the shed with the branches suspended just below the ceiling / roof.

The other ”Permaculture Positive” of having the transparent roof is no need for electrical lighting during daylight hours!

  1. Merven Herring says:

    Man this is excellent! I’m so glad I found this share of yours … I’m getting straight to the nursery today to buy some vines as my shed has the same roof system as his … Can’t wait thanks so much

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