Rooftop Permaculture Site (Mini) Tour: Corfu, Greece.

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Europe, site tours, Water Saving / Harvesting
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Follow Kerry as he shows you the beginnings of his Permaculture system on his rooftop in Corfu Greece, now I will admit that at first in the video, he comes off as a Permie Newbie but if you check his channel and scan through the videos at the music school and other sites you get the gist that he knows far more than he seems to!!

One of his other videos is quite interesting, it really shows the permaculture way when he goes around getting cuttings and seed. from locals for fruit trees, grapes etc.
Remember, something you can buy at your local garden centre type store you can always get for free from a neighbour! How many fruit trees, bushes, nuts, vines etc. can be propagated from cuttings? … many!! All of my grapes, figs & Blackberries are successfully grown from cuttings, the secret is Honey!

Let’s hope that one day when Kerry finishes the main part/s of his project at the school, that he gets the time to properly develop his rooftop garden into something that can inspire those who have no garden, I will definitely be keeping an eye out on his channel!

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