Slug Control & Prevention: Beer Trap (Continuous Success!)

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Backyard Farming, DIY Gardening / Home Projects, Pest Control
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This is a quick ”Part #2” in the Beer Trap Article, I am writing this merely to give info. on the recent ”body count” …

” Slugnatomy ” anatomy of the vegetable loving slug

So, In the main article of ” Slug Control and Prevention: The Beer Trap ” I may have mentioned that I initially put out four traps and a couple days later increased this to 7, then 9 once more plastic bottles became available. At around the 7 mark I emptied the beer and conducted a body count, with 20 results and zero other organisms.
Just last night after work, I decided to go ahead again and replenish the bait and conduct another count, it has been warming up recently here in southern England so I was half expecting to find a few more smaller ones, from the 9 traps came  …

WOW!, 61 Slugs, 1 Snail and 5 other organisms namely; 4 Wood Lice and 1 Red Wiggler Worm.

It’s Working!!

Slugs Trapped in Slug Pub

Slugs Trapped in Slug Pub

New Observations:

After twice emptying the traps, I feel that smaller bottles with smaller holes seem to have a bigger bounty (little kids yogurt bottles are excellent!)

  • I wonder if the fermentation takes longer to spoil and so the traps remain viable for a little longer? or
  • Did I just place them in locations that happened to have a bigger population nearby?,
  • Is it because they are smaller and closer to the ground level that slugs find them easier (Smell)?

Either way, they have outperformed all of the bigger bottles by far!

In conclusion: 2x cans of beer which cost me £1.08 have bagged 82 pests (Slugs and one Snail) with zero spent on materials as everything is re-purposed plastic bottles which, in the end will be Recycled once they have worn out their use.

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