Eco Friendly way to heat Your Greenhouse for 8p ( US 10c ) a Day

Posted: February 13, 2015 in DIY Gardening / Home Projects, Greenhouse Polytunnels & Cold Frames, Videos / Radio / Interviews
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Using small tea candles, some terracotta pots and a metal cake / loaf pan – you can heat your greenhouse for cheap without the use of gas heaters, electricity etc.

The only input being the purchasing of tea candles in bulk, and you going into your greenhouse once a day to replenish the candles. This system is said to heat for 24 hours, although I cannot confirm this as I haven’t used this method before but may give it a go next winter

Terracotta Pot Heater Indoors / another method


The method used is quite simple:

  1. Place cake pan on top of a thick piece of cement or any other fireproof and heat absorbing material (A wide terracotta saucer will do well too),
  2. Place 4x candles in the middle bottom of the pan and light them,
  3. Now place the small terracotta pot upside down directly on top of the four candles – the pots rims will rest on the rim of the cake loaf pan so there will be a good sized gap between the candles and pot, make sure that you place a pebble or any fireproof material to cover the drainage hole of the pot,
  4. Place large stones / bricks ( 2 -3 ) around the loaf pan and now place the larger pot upside down in the same manner over the smaller pot with it’s rims resting nicely on the bricks

Terracotta Flower Pot Heater Diagram / Cross Section

These heaters can also be used indoors in the home especially in smaller rooms! There are many videos online that show the ways in doing this …

STEP BY STEP VIDEO (short >2min’s):

Always be sure that the system is placed on a Fireproof base, no flammable materials should be close enough that if the setup were to fall over, that the candles could set fire to anything flammable – most importantly, make sure the base is stable


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