Home Made Seed Potato Container / Holder

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Backyard Farming, DIY Gardening / Home Projects, Tubers & Other Root Vegetables
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Some of you may have used the method of egg boxes to hold seed potatoes in whilst their sprouts become shoots and while waiting for the date they should go outside, for the others who haven’t … here’s probably the best (Modified) way to use egg boxes especially for the added strength:

Stuff needed:

  1. Scissors,
  2. Egg Box/es
  3. Dark Cupboard / Pantry etc.

Step 1: Cut the closing flap off and recycle it

Step 2: Now cut / separate the lid from the base


Step 3: Place the base into the lid

Step 4: Place Seed Potatoes into each cavity and place the container in a dark cupboard or Pantry etc. Done !!

That’s pretty much it! Enjoy the growing season ahead! …..


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