Beneficial Plant Spotlight: Poached Egg Plant ( Limnanthes Douglasii )

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Backyard Farming, bees & Pollinators, Beneficial Plants and Shrubs, Europe, Northern America, Wildlife
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Limnanthes Douglasii ( Poached Egg Plant ) nestled nicely in a border

The Poached Egg Plant ( Limnanthes Douglasii ) is said to be one of the earliest flowering plants in the UK / Northern Hemispheric climates, therefore provides an early supply of pollen for bees and other pollinators, whilst also bringing them into your garden!

Limnanthes Douglasii ( Poached Egg Plant ) Closeup

The other benefit of the plant, is it is a great self seeder! In Permcaulture, this is very valuable in order to use less energy in maintaining your garden! simply designate a place (or a few spots) in your garden for this plant and thereafter you will not have to do much maintenance such as annual bedding usually takes to get going! ie: obtaining seeds, compost, pots or seed trays, growing, transplanting into smaller pots then finally outside – in this case, the mother plant dies down in mid – late summer and the seeds can then start germinating once the mother is cleared away for composting…

This will ensure plants growing into Autumn or until the frosts kill them off, the same seeds that do not germinate will sit in place until next spring.

Poached Egg Plant ( Limnanthes Douglasii ) – bed full of them!

  1. […] I have termed this plant ‘Semi Beneficial’ mainly as it doesn’t really have many benefits when compared to my previous posts on beneficial Plants such as the Wild Teasel and Poached Egg Plant. […]


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