It’s important to try your very best to protect yourself from the harmful EMF signals, wireless and general non natural frequencies we are blasted by day to day! think about it, when most of us were born, what signals and frequencies were we all exposed to from womb to current day? And NOW what are little babies exposed to whilst in Mom’s womb? There are now Cell Phones (Mobile Phones), portable wireless house phones, wireless internet, EMF frequencies from various sources etc. Only time will tell the damage it will cause to us!!!!

Camping – A Good Way To Escape EMF and Re-connect with Nature

I highly recommend watching and SHARING this documentary by James Russell on the harms of EMF, the risks and evidence of cancer clusters around cellphone transmitter towers – including EMF links to CCD (Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder).

I came across this information a couple of years back, this should have been one of my first posts on this blog!

  1. Geo. H says:

    Watched the documentary, …. SHOCKING! Thanks for sharing, Ive copied this on my facebook wall for family and friends, I no longer see the point in governments if they ignore research such as this. It sincerely feels that all those times voting were an absolute waste of time. We need a complete overhaul of politics which should Include a ban on politicians having investments in corporations and they must read all papers and reports THOROUGHLY! and if they dont understand the “jargon” then an expert who does must write a shorter report in laments terms for them and the public to understand … Then they shpuld come to a decision with a SUPERMAJORITY which is 25% politicians and 75% of the peoples consent.
    That would be a great start. Step 1: Stop Voting All Together
    They no longer serve our interests …. (Did they ever?)


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