Greenhouse + Rocket mass heater combined construction ( Great for beginners )

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Bio Fuels, Design, DIY Gardening / Home Projects, Sustainable Construction
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Although the audio is quite bad in this video (well the uploader did make the effort to use screen annotations when you cannot hear the details), I feel this is a great introduction video on the uses and possibilities of the Rocket Mass Heater systems that Permies have been altering the design of for years.

I am very new to Rocket Mass Heaters … and I am completely intrigued with the possibilities! The best part is, once the Heater has been running for about 7-8 min’s, the effect is zero pollution thereafter and only Steam & Co2 come out of the vent! Also, not to forget, they use up to 5 times LESS wood!



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