Make a Worm Farm for Nutrient Rich Compost !

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Backyard Farming, Composting, DIY Gardening / Home Projects, Soil Structure and Fixing
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Worm farming to increase the nutrients in your garden beds is one of the best, most natural ways to supplement your garden’s needs! After all, worms are one of natures filters! their poop (Worm Castings) is nutritious and harvest-able for use.

Not only the castings though, you can also obtain a liquid ”worm tea” which is diluted with water to make an organic, Natural plant liquid feed (Yes, you can now stop buying tamorite from your garden centre).

One method Permies like to use when looking for a container/s keep the worm farm in, is simply to find a disused, thrown out bathtub!
Whilst people in smaller properties such as Flats (Apartments) and smaller houses may prefer to use containers, a bathtub can be kept in a greenhouse / polytunnel (If the greenhouse is big enough) and all soluble green waste even from your garden can be used, not only kitchen scraps! If kept outside exposed to the elements, you will need to construct a roof structure to prevent rain going in.

Bathtub Worm Farm Cross Section / Instructions

Once you have a suitable container for your worms, you will need:

  • Shredded Newspaper and brown cardboard (Both soaked in water, also horse manure if you can get any,
  • Order or get worms (Red Wigglers for UK),
  • Lid to protect from rain / sun

Step #1:
Place the horse manure, shredded newspaper and cardboard in the bottom of the tub / container and make sure it’s moist enough to house worms… (This is their bedding)
Add the worms.

Step #2:
Place vegetable / fruit matter, egg shells and tea bags (veg / fruit skins etc. but no seeds!) in a blender and blend until smooth / chunky – pour on top of the bedding. Repeat every few days. (you can just throw the scraps in there, but it takes longer and rots / gets fungusy)

Step #3:
After 3-4 months of continual feeding and if you need compost, merely shove all matter to one side of the container and put new bedding on the other half, don’t feed them for 2-3 weeks and start putting the scraps on the new bedding in the last week – they will naturally migrate to the food source then you can just harvest the ”Vermipost” there!
Don’t forget to also keep a tray / container to catch the ”worm tea” to be used as a liquid feed for your plants

Worm Composting – known as Vermiposting

Bathtub Worm Farm in Greenhouse

The below system is great for smaller homes such as Blocks of Flats / Apartments etc.

Stacking Worm Farm / Bin

The people at Growing Power Wisconsin are said to make use of 300 yards of worm farm beds, this supplies nutrient rich compost for their 3 acres of organic farm which, in turn, produces 450 Tonnes of crops per year of which, they make USD200,000 from each acre! …. who needs GMO’s to ”feed the world” ?

Bathtub used as a raised bed

Finally, here is how to get the right kind/s of worms for Free!

Step #1: Get brown cardboard, place it in water for 20 minutes then lay it on a garden bed for a few days, if it is hot / sunny, provide some shade for it and keep moist!

Step #2: Lift it up every few days and the type of worms that you will find on / under it are the types that process (eat) organic materials, keep them in a moist container full of bedding – keep repeating

Get Gardening and Vermiposting !!!


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