Being the Change in this world ( Start Today )

Posted: December 20, 2014 in DIY Gardening / Home Projects, Permaculture First Steps, Sustainable Change / Positive Outcome
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Here I have compiled a list of things the everyday person can do (change) in order to actually have a positive impact on this beautiful planet!

Even if you live in an apartment block and do not have access to or own a garden / balcony where you may be able to grow some food or even just have an ornamental garden for the value of a natural system to reconnect yourself in times of stress etc… you still CAN make the change which we all want in this world especially in the world of Permies!

Although some of these points are relevant for UK citizens, the same can be applied worldwide, you will just have to do your homework:

It is pretty much clear, undeniable and observed, that the Fossil Fuel Industry, Banking, Politicians, Corporations (especially ones which Politicians and Bankers have investments in) are the main driving force in humanity’s backward spiral to self destruction. Banks use our money to invest, and a lot of the time they obviously invest in that which gains the most in monetary value for them, these days it includes weapons of war, fossil fuels, unhealthy Pharmaceuticals which aren’t any good etc. one example being the heinous act of Fracking which is big on the agenda all of a sudden worldwide, go anywhere and even in third world countries the easily-bribe-able politicians there are signing contacts in this under-the-table / lucrative business (See previous post here exposing the lies politicians spew about fracking)

The future if we allow government and corporations to continue as is

Here are a few things we can all do, even if you alone do it:

  1. Change your Bank ( to Co-operative Bank ), here in the UK it has been exposed that all of the major ‘High Street’ Banks invest in weapons and many in Fracking or other older fossil fuel ‘technologies’, some of these banks even invest in Israeli weapons manufacturers! Barclays is the worse by far, with around £7.3 Billion invested in total on the weapons industry, they are rated as one of the top ten investors in US weapons corporations, the others are: Halifax, Lloyds TSB, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and HSBC
    According to the PDF Document on the below link, Co-operative Bank is the only ‘high street’ bank which Does Not invest in weapons (You can read the article on page 18 of the document titled ‘Banking on Bloodshed’ here)
    Full site here with article:
  2. Change your energy provider/s, there are a few green energy providers who only provide gas and electricityfrom wind-farms or solar energy and natural gas, which is not extracted using the horrible fracking ‘technology’.
    They also have plans to produce ‘green gas’ which they foresee to eventually power at least 50% of UK homes in the near future, click here for more
  3. Start making your home & life more sustainable and less reliant on the grid! For example, you can make DIY double glazed windows so as to keep the warm or cold inside your home (depending on season), you can insulate your home, water boiler (aka geyser), hot water pipes etc. Get rid of your normal kettle (probably a 2000watt), go online or to a camping store and get a caravan / camper-van / houseboat kettle of around 600w – 900w (they take a little longer to boil but it is hardly noticeable after they have worn in). Replace your light bulbs with LED bulbs, Re-use and recycle things, think what you can use or reclaim instead of buying products for any little or big projects you have at home!
    Put a brick in your toilet cistern tank to save water on every flush, click here for article. Join your local freecycle group/s and give things away instead of dumping them in the bin, you can get things there too!
    Convert your car engine to run on Waste Vegetable Oil (Bio fuel), fix leaking taps or pipes / toilets, Use less heat in winter and just wear long clothing or a sweater, use the timer setting on your home heating and have it on for one hour and off for two …

    Self Sustaining Community and Empowerment

  4. Consider cycling to work, school/ university if possible even if just a couple of times a week
  5. If you are without a space to grow your own food, contact your local authorities and find out where a community garden / Allotment site is and if there is space (If not, get your name on the waiting list!), I can only tell you all from experience, that gardening is one of the most therapeutic things we can get involved in
  6. Shop local from the farmers markets as well as smaller family type businesses and shops, avoid the corporate stores as we need to start building local communities if we are to follow through with the emphasis on a sustainable future, the corporations only look at profits, so things such as GMO’s are something they will promote whilst ignoring the risks they present, not only to the human consumers but the whole world’s ecosystem.
  7. Drop main brands and do your research into them, did you know that Kelloggs, Nestle, McDonalds etc. are huge GMO Lobbyists especially in the US? They are literally throwing millions at the politicians to ensure that GMO’s are NOT labelled on products so therefore, the people are having their right-to-know taken away so that a politician can have a nice long holiday with his bonus money …
    I have personally found much more healthier brands which either taste better, or the same as the main brands, two examples: – go to Lidl (UK) and the ‘rice crispies + corn flakes’ there taste Exactly the same as kelloggs whilst also being free from Glucose-Fructose Syrup.
    – Look at the ingredients of all the major UK Bread suppliers, they all use a few ‘E numbers’, now go look around and find the common Polish Breads, all use natural ingredients which are labelled in laments terms, again in Lidl the bread also does not contain ‘E numbers’ and the seeded bread tastes great!
    Recently I had to purchase a warburtons loaf (They were out of Polish bread) and it was disgusting! The most synthetic thing I’ve eaten, squeeze it between your fingers and it will be lucky to be 3mm thick!
    Now to admit, it has taken me a while to realise eating better you eventually see the truth when you have to go back to eating the stuff you now reject

keep tuned, this list is going to be continually expanded


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