Limiting Your Water Usage (Quick Project)

Posted: November 30, 2014 in DIY Gardening / Home Projects, Water Saving
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Here I have an old tip which we have been doing for many years ever since I was a child, well, my Mom told me about it and I asked if we have done it in our home, when she said no, I was immediately outside scratching around for the required materials.

It’s simple, and think of it as How Much water will you save over a year, 5 years or your lifetime if you implement this Now?

brick toilet

Toilet & Brick Water Saving Technique

Toilet & Brick Water Saving Technique

  • All you do is grab a few different sized bricks, and perhaps a couple of shopping plastic bags. open the cistern of your toilet/s and try figure out which brick will consume a lot of the space but not disrupt the mechanics of the flushing device.
  • place your chosen brick into one bag and tie it up tightly then use clear tape to tighten it nicely, then do the exact same with the second bag – and finally place it in the cistern, you may have to do a bit of shifting to find the best spot if there is still room (sometimes the brick can sit in a spot that looks fine until you flush, then the floater buoy stops before the whole flush is drawn out resulting in the plug closing and not the entire tank emptying it’s load of water (A miss-flush! :), other times the floater buoy could get caught when the tank is filling resulting in a miss-filled tank. A little playing around and adjusting might be needed, but once it’s working well, that will be it forever basically.
  • Periodically check that everything’s going well inside the cistern tank, the reason for the brick being in plastic bags is mainly incase of the brick containing heavy metals so as to prevent rust.
  • You can use a filled plastic water bottle too for example, but they have buoyancy even when filled and aren’t guaranteed to sit in one spot, therefore are more likely to come into contact with the mechanics and cause problems.

If you have bricks in your garden or property, this cant take longer than 20 – 25 minutes to complete, think about the future and what are we leaving for the next generations …

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