Permaculture Allotment Tour with Mike Feingold ( Bristol UK )

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Europe, Permaculture system, site tours, urban farm, Videos, Winter Sowing
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”Far more valuable than growing vegetables, … is my sanity, I can be here, and I have no awareness that I’m in the middle of inner city East Bristol, I’m on planet Zog here … and that’s incredibly valuable”
– Mike Feingold, UK Permaculturalist and Allotment Manager

For our overseas friends, Allotments are small areas of land which each council sets aside for interested members of the public who would like to grow their own vegetables, for rent. History of UK Allotment culture can be found by Clicking HERE.

Certain senior allotment holders can become committee members and there will always be at least one Allotment Manager. from the limited video’s or info I have seen about Mike and this allotment site, it seems to be that the whole site is set in a very close knit community / permaculture setting.

Things discussed are: Bed profiles, fruit trees, leguminous deep rooting plants, water retaining plants (Good for wildlife), early flowering plants (good for the pollinators), Winter crops, uses of cardboard etc.


  1. jeffpermie says:

    Reblogged this on growingarden and commented:

    This is definitely a must view for anyone in the UK interested in Permaculture, some good local information for consideration especially for Allotment Holders !


  2. Geo. H says:

    Wow this is great, I am an allotment holder trying permaculture methods and find it superbly difficult with all the grumpy old guys who are stuck in 1968! The world is changing and we develop NEW TECHNIQUES AND METHODS With the aim of Progress! Despite every effort in trying to convince them to let me do my thing, they wont budge ” the book is the book and rules are rules”. … No Changing because that is “anti progression”
    It seems like as soon as you use new methods even just in your own plot they will have a constant grudge against you and make it very difficult for you in the community to the point where you would want to leave the site. My god I wish I lived there (Bristol) and had a plot in that allotment site! 🙂

    Thanks fof sharing this


  3. […] HERE for a previous post of an Allotment site in Bristol which is managed by Mike Feingold, an old […]


  4. Kumar Kalanand Mani says:

    Hi! Mike
    This is Kalanand from Goa. Hope you remember us. I am searching you for years. I am eager to have communication with you. Hope you are keeping well. Please reply on

    Liked by 1 person

  5. […] second, perhaps the third video I have posted with Mike Feingold (an Old-School UK Permaculturist) Here he gives a tour of the Allotment he manages in Bristol. I like this guy’s style, a friend of mine told me about the […]


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