Permaculture System Tour – Johannesburg South Africa

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Africa, Permaculture system, site tours, urban farm, Videos
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This is the second in this ‘series’ of posts, whereby I will post a good video (Preferred) or a photo log / page tour of an individual’s Permaculture System in their City / Country.

Today’s Tour is in the Suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa, Next I plan on posting a very interesting video from Bristol UK with Mike Feingold who has been on the Permaculture path (Now an instructor / lecturer) for many years and runs an Allotment site in his local Council area.

In the following video, you will see the owner’s greywater filtration and re-using system, discussing their plans to convert to Solar Energy, nitrogen fixing plants and on site composting in order to remove All need for imported compost or soils which includes connections with the local restaurants and coffee shops who supply some essentials such as used coffee grounds, egg shells and vegetable scraps

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