Quick Garden Tips (Fern Tree Winter Care)

Posted: November 25, 2014 in General Garden Care / Tips, Winter Garden Care
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Fern Trees (Dicksonia Antartica) are not only highly expensive in countries where they are not naturally occurring, but especially in regions where they will not normally survive in all the seasons, there are ways to prevent losing them to frosts etc.

Beautiful Tree Ferns ( Dicksonia Antartica )

These tropical plants are now becoming well sought after in Europe, but even though you spent a lot of money obtaining one or a few, the place you bought the plant/s from most likely did not explain winter care to you and perhaps, your gardener may not even know this!

simply either get a bag, and:

  1. go around your neighbourhood and cut a few fern leaves from any fern variety and bring them home, or just cut one or two from your fern tree (per tree).
  2. make a rough ball and place it in the crown of the tree where the top branches emerge from the trunk, it should be about 5 – 10 cm thick (2 – 5”) …thick enough to work as thick insulation against frosts and snow
  3. That’s it !!
  4. Eventually all the other leaves will turn brown then black, these can be cut off to make way for next year’s growth, you could also add some of these to the plant crown
Top View of Crown with Winter Insulation

Top View of Crown with Winter Insulation

Side View of Applied Winter Insulation


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