Thick fresh Leaf Mulch on a bed

Thick fresh Leaf Mulch on a bed

Hi Folks, this will be a quick one on how to apply leaf mulch but most importantly, how to step up or speed up the procedure to obtain the mulch quicker…

Step 1: Obtain a Lawnmower or Strimmer if you do not have one,
Step 2: Rake up all of your leaves into a pile and mow over a few times, if you feel like it, you may empty the bag straight back onto the lawn and go over it again once more
Step 3: if the leaves are still newly fallen ie: they aren’t fully brown / decomposing yet, then bag them up in a typical household black bin bag and place somewhere where it will catch the daytime sunlight for about a week or two, the light and bag will speed up the microorganisms decomposing the leaves … you can always lay out a big pile and merely cover the top of the pile with a few bags weighted down with bricks or rocks etc.
Step 4: Once the leaves are ready (medium – dark brown and damp) you just lay them on top your bed/s, lay them nice and thick (2″ / 5cm minimum), then, you may eventually add another final layer of whole leaves which are freshly fallen (Still light brown or slightly yellow and crunchy) as a top layer for moisture retention

This has the following effects; It will eventually break down and provide organic materials and nutrients for the upcoming growing season, it keeps the beds warmer and the frost off, thus, providing a better habitat for the organisms in the soil especially the worms which will be eating and processing the leaves!
Another advantage with a warmer soil is that herbaceous plants, bulbs etc. will have a less chance of their roots dying off in a harsh winter

Leaf Mulch on Raised Bed C Cross Section )

Leaf Mulch on Raised Bed ( Cross Section )

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