Permaculture System Tour (Australia) with Geoff Lawton

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Australasia, Permaculture system, site tours, urban farm, Videos
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Hi everyone! I have decided to track down a good permaculture tour video for every country (if possible) and collate them here on this blog for everyone to access in one place, so for post #1 with this theme: We are sharing a video from Australia.
The system designed around this typical middle class home is absolutely stunning! The use of space, the systems implemented here are great! It really looks like a wonderful place to spend your weekends in (or all week if you are lucky enough to have quit the rat race already!) … Definitely a must see for anyone in an urban environment and access to a garden. Geoff Lawton was a lucky man to be able to visit and take a walk around this garden ….


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