Welcome To Growing Garden – my story and what you can expect

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Backyard Farming
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Hello everyone, My Name is Jeff, I live in the UK and have also lived in other countries on different continents including Africa and in the Middle East.

whilst I love sharing all tips and information I find useful and will do so on this blog as well as other media options, I will do my absolute best to keep this blog up to date as much as possible, between family life and work commitments, I cannot guarantee a post twice a week unfortunately for example.
Here I will be sharing what I’ve learned and hopefully converting interested persons into the realm of permaculture, which I know can change the world as it is, currently in terms of useless wastage and consumerism!

I am on my own learning path and definitely a beginner in the ”permie” ways, but none the less, will share what I know and what I find online which may be of interest to both Gardeners, Food / Mini Farm gardeners, DIY people, those interested in home improvement etc.

My story basically starts around 2011 / ’12, I was then living in a house that was divided by the landlord into about 3 flats (Apartments) and the front / back garden was shared. In short, I got sick of the gardens being such a mess and decided one day to fix them up, a friend who is a gardener organised loads of ornamental plants at a reduced rate which the landowner paid for and we just gave the labour in re-doing the garden.

When I finally moved out into a house with less families in it, I had my own section of the back garden as well as a small greenhouse, where I got the idea to start growing Tomatoes, Courgettes (Zucchinis), Carrots, cabbage, beans, parsnips, leafy greens etc. Mainly due to my recently gained knowledge of GMO’s (Genetically MANIPULATED Organisms) whilst also still trying to work the garden ornamentally as well. Thus, I felt it was my responsibility to give my family the best most natural food possible.

I have since moved again and now finally have full access to my own (small) garden which I have built a raised bed and polytunnel as well as established a rain harvesting system, worm farm etc.

What you can look forward to from my blog:

Advice on plants to benefit your garden, wildlife and lifestyle both inside and outside your home 

flowers beneficial bugs etc

Advice on how to make the most of your garden space especially for edible food growing

squashes vert growing

Tips and advice on reusing, recycling and generally preventing waste or unnecessary consumerism


Advice and information on bringing your monthly bills down as well as the consequent pollution that we all create daily


And much more ….

See you in the next post


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