Cheapest Fruit Trees .. Available NOW (November)

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Sales / Good Deals
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Last year’s survivors – A Plum, Apple and Cherry

I stumbled upon these accidentally last year 2013 when grocery shopping, I was skeptical at first as they were bare root fruit trees of various fruits and with my experience in purchasing bare root fruit bushes (which about 50% of the time were dead before I bought them), I decided to only buy two, plant them and if after one week the branches were still ”bendy” then I would go back and get more.
They were Apples, Pears, Cherries and Plums in ASDA for only £6 a pop!! Small varieties that, since they were root ball (meaning they don’t have a pot full of compost on the bottom, they instead have had their roots wrapped in water retaining material covered in plastic).

Since about June this year, I’ve been calling customer service about twice every month inquiring when or IF they will be back in stock this year (got a different answer every time) so ended up having to go to the big ASDA (now further away so a little inconvenient) about twice a month to have a look around and Bingo! just a few days ago saw the stock and jumped right in there, I’m now a proud owner of 8 trees including the survivors from last year 🙂

So go NOW! this year they are even Cheaper at £5 Each!

Each tree has a card with a picture of foliage and fruit with a brief description of what it’s culinary value is etc. but I recommend to look through the plastic onto the back of the card where all the maintenance information is, pay close attention to the ”Pollination” part as some trees need a pollination partner to guarantee fruit setting (Mainly the apples and pears).

In general garden centre type stores like B&Q or Homebase, you will not be able to pay less than £9.50 for a fruit tree and most being around £14+.

These fruit trees are small varieties and will not grow larger than 3 Meters in height, but with pruning you can ”dwarf” them even smaller! These would be great for people who have no garden but only a balcony / terrace.

  • Grow in containers if you may move anytime soon or,
  • if you live in a block of flats (apartments).

Go get them before they run out! They only had one cherry and two plums when I went to my local big store, there was a lot of stock of pears and apples though … hurry


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